Women Of The World Contributor – Meet Kirsty Mellor

Native English (from the Manchester area) and living in The Netherlands (south of the river where they call us the ‘farmers’). Marketing and Communications professional, working in an international environment for a French owned company. My life has never been straight forward! It’s always been a journey and I’ve loved creating memories along the way.

I’m sporty and active with a passion for the outdoors. I’ve been known to scale Mt. Snowdon before breakfast to catch the sunrise. So how did I end up living in the ‘lowlands’? (65% of The Netherlands is actually below sea level!)

Ten years ago I met a Dutch guy whilst working on a project in Dubai. I was actually his client and he was my Event Manager … the rest is history. We’re now married and have a cat!

I love a good challenge and in moving my life to Holland, I definitely found my match. I arrived in December 2009, just me and my life packed in a few boxes on a pallet. It was one of the harshest winters and the economic climate wasn’t much better!

Over the years The Netherlands has become my home. I’ve conquered the language (still working on the guttural sounds), I’m a pro on a bike – well you have to be here, I even own 4 bikes. I’m learning to accept the Dutch ‘directness’ – it can be harsh sometimes, and I’m coming to terms with the ‘mystery food’ you can buy from the automatic vending machines on the street (yes, really!).

My working life has allowed me to travel and be exposed to an international audience. I’ve met some great people along the way and learned a lot about language, culture, behaviour and communication. The journey continues!

I’ve just bought my first house in the Netherlands in my name. That’s a really big achievement for me. So I guess I’ll be staying in these lowlands for the time being.  With my Dutch man, my cat and my 4 bikes. Life’s good!

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