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God for the Day

As a woman of faith, being asked to write about being made God for the day feels slightly blasphemous, but at the same time reminds me of a period of time when I was in my early twenties where I was struggling with my faith. “If I was God…” was […]

Creating Your Own Food Delivery Service

Launching A Food Delivery Service: Essential Tips The food delivery markethas been growing rapidly over recent months, with consumers embracing the convenience it offers. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a surge in demand for delivery, with supermarkets, takeout restaurants and other businesses struggling to meet the ever-expanding […]

Socking it to our Nurses

GLASGOW TRAVEL RETAILER DONATES 5,000 COMPRESSION SOCKS TO HELP FRONTLINE SCOTS NURSES Firm pledges to give away further 5,000 to London nurses over next week bringing total to 10,000   A Glasgow online travel retailer whose sales have dropped 95 per cent in the past two weeks has donated 5,000 […]

The Greek Island Summer School

May 14th will mark my quarter century of living on the idyllic island of Lefkada in Greece. I left behind my London life, my day job teaching English in a private school in Marble Arch, an impossible relationship, all my belongings and all my old ideas. Some said I was […]

Act Wisely for the Common Good

Definitely times are strange and it still feels very surreal. I definitely feel that I am walking through a book and that I will put it down for a while whilst I go and make a cup of tea in the real world. But alas…this is the real world. Here […]