Entries by Ruth Lloyd-Williams

The New Normal

Here in rural SW France, the new normal looks very similar to the old normal: BC (Before Covid) Apart from, that is: bars and restaurants still shut: gyms shut: group exercise disallowed: no travel allowed further than 100km and no social gatherings among friends of more than 10 people. Plus, […]

Top Office Furniture Trends

Top Office Furniture Trends and How You Can Incorporate Them into Your Business Base Office spaces have certainly changed over time, from the bare basics to offices that need to incorporate a lot of technology and have a hip, modern vibe putting the comfort and wellbeing of employees first. Office […]

Networking In The Digital Age

How To Find Business Connections Online The global Coronavirus pandemic has changed almost every aspect of the business market; from the way we communicate to what customer-facing staff wear and beyond. In the corporate networking market, the virus has upended all 2020 plans, with almost all physical events either cancelled […]

Le Confinement

I wind my way down the wooded Chateau drive, stopping at the junction. A printed A4 sheet of paper sits on the passenger seat. I have ticked two of its seven boxes: one stating I have left home to work, the other stating I have left home to buy essential […]