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Are You One of the Audience or are You Ready to Take to the Stage

Are you one of the audience or are you ready to take to the stage

During 2020 Network She will be working closely with Dani Wallace from the  IATQB Hive to coach 20 women, to deliver their story or their message in to a 20 minute presentation to be delivered at venues across the country.
Women don’t need to find a voice- they have a voice – but not always the platform from which to use it. 

2020 – Let’s Learn Something New!

New decade, new year, new month, new beginnings, new resolutions … that’s a lot of new! I love new, who doesn’t? But I’m not a big fan of new year’s resolutions. I like to think in terms of new habits or small changes you can add into your daily life. […]

To faith, or not to faith?

You’ve gotta have Faith! Isn’t that what George Michael said in 1987, so it must be true!! So what is faith? According to the Internet – faith is the complete trust or confidence in a person, thing or concept. Not something I can say about the British Government at the […]


I grew up in a Christian family. My parents were married in church, which was the way it was done. We attended church for baptisms, weddings, Christmas and sometimes random Sundays. As children we did not go to funerals. We were all christened. We said our prayers at night…although for […]

New Beginnings and Resolutions

Go to the gym and get healthy. Eat less chocolate. Two New Year’s Resolutions that I regularly made and broke within weeks of a new year beginning. I know of people who do ‘dry January’ and are gagging for alcohol by week two. What is it with stupid resolutions that […]


Celebrations. Often misunderstood. Often lost in translation. Cross cultural boundaries and yet often, not really. How do you celebrate? What traditions do you have? Christmas approaches. Thanksgiving has just gone. Today is my nephew’s birthday. Bonfire night. All Hallows’ Eve Dia de los muertos Diwali Armistice Day of enlightenment Tis […]


I squatted down to rest my bum on a 20cm-high wooden stool: my legs bent, with my bare feet resting on the over-swept dirt floor of the mud-walled compound.  The women and children had all retreated into the round mud-houses to sleep after an evening of shelling groundnuts.  Lenny, however, […]