The Magnificent Seven By Ruth Lloyd-Williams

The Magnificent Seven by Ruth Lloyd-Williams

We had a girlie night in on Friday. There was seven of us, plus two pungent Wire Haired Fox Terriers, all sat round the coffee table in my back lounge.

The Magnificent Seven by Ruth Lloyd-Williams

I played the role of hostess with the mostess.

A role I would have enjoyed all the more had I not still been trying to cater for the family, and the visiting masses, with only the capacity of a small beer fridge to keep food and drink chilled to perfection or at least safely consumable. It’s a long story and it’s been something of a long wait for the new fridge to arrive, the one that should have come the same day as its matching freezer counterpart, which, as promised arrived on 13th July. According to ao they are apparently to be reunited on 23rd August and the risk of salmonella will subside and my kitchen will no longer have that “just going off” odour about it.

I rustled up the obligatory bolognaise for my guests with a mushroom savoury rice. Adding the mushrooms only as a guaranteed Son deterrent, ensuring that it would still be there by the time the revellers arrived and wouldn’t have been consumed by the boy with hollow legs and a constant hunger.


Miss W arrived at 6.30pm as per the invite, armed with a feta and spinach delight that has a Greek name that would be a winner at scrabble. The recipe was anecdotally handed down by a 90-year-old Ya Ya back in the 80’s, when Miss W was a teenage traveller avoiding real life and making her way in the big wide world.  Miss T arrived next, followed by Miss G and then Miss H, who for once wasn’t late and wasn’t last. Miss L arrived and Miss O made up the numbers, having already delivered her M&S influenced contribution early in the day. Everyone came with a variety of culinary delights- or at least a big bag of crisps and some light refreshment.

The Magnificent Seven by Ruth Lloyd-Williams

We talked the night through, one minute it was 8 pm and in the blink of an eye it was well past our bedtime. A vast amount of prosecco was consumed and the bolognaise and mushroom rice were destined for the freezer- well there was no room in the fridge!

We put the world to rights. We laughed lots and to be honest there was a few tears shed. Well, it wouldn’t be a girlie night in if there wasn’t.

Home truths, good advice and strong opinions were shared. Some words may have been harsh but never hurtful, some words weren’t even understandable by the time we called it a night and headed for home or for bed.

Network She Boadicea Boardroom

If it wasn’t for Network She, bar one, I wouldn’t know any of these wonderful women – the Magnificent Seven. Our paths wouldn’t have otherwise crossed. Our interests are so varied we would never have met or become the strong supportive group of good friends that we are today.

We are all very different. We aren’t the same age or have the same family dynamics. We don’t all work in the same industry or line of work. We aren’t all married, we aren’t all single. Our children, if we have them, range in age from 3- 32. We don’t all live in the same geography or the same post code. And we don’t all share the love for a pungent Fox Terrier.

So what do we have in common.

Well we are all business women. We are all members of Network She. And we all took up the opportunity of joining the Boadicea Boardroom.

Network She Boadicea Boardroom

Two years on we are an all for one, one for all force to behold. No one is judged, no one gets left behind. Everyone is supported and supportive. And after last night, although we may be slightly tired and emotional, we all know who is looking out for us – we are!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead

We have definitely changed each other’s worlds. It was a great night.

Expressions of interest are open now for the next Autumn intake the Boadicea Boardroom.

Until next time.

Love and Shenanigans

Ruth x

Oh and by the way- I’ve bathed the dog! She isn’t impressed, but she sure smells better.

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