The Weekend wind up

The week we gave ourselves permission to be proud. To be read while listening to Heather Small of M People sing Proud.


My favourite day of the week has always been a Thursday. It’s that cheeky wink at the weekend when you can start to plan for the forthcoming work free days of fun and frivolity.

Things have changed and my favourite day of the week has become a Wednesday. Why- because it’s Wednesday at the White House. We spend the day putting plans in place, we get lot’s done, it’s great fun, and I get to eat, and more often than not wear, the delicious linguine. Disappointingly this week we were back on Zoom.

Still a very productive session, and as there was no linguine, my white’s will pass the Dazz Door Step Challenge. Tuesday proved to be a day I didn’t appreciate until I reviewed it while justifying Wednesday’s favourite day status.


I run every Tuesday morning with a member of The Mothership- Network She Facebook Group. We call it running. Our lack of speed means we can still breathe and talk at the same time, so for 45 minutes we puff and put the world to rights. My fellow athlete Vicky has done a fabulous job over lockdown coming out of her comfort zone creating opportunities to be seen. She delivers a Top Tips slot every Thursday at 5pm on the Mothership. She has created her own Top Tips Group, Insta account, and as of this week, a You Tube Channel. I am so proud of what she has done, overcoming her fears, tackling new technology and new ways of working.


Later on Tuesday, I met up with Network She Diamond Member Liz, who took lockdown by the horns. She didn’t shut shop and pull the blinds down. She signed up for business and personal development courses, including the Boadicea Boardroom and the Essentials Courses. She came out of her comfort zone, putting herself in front of the camera, attending networking events all over the country turning her printing business into a nationwide supplier. I am so proud to see how she has grown as a person and how she has grown and developed her business.

Tuesday evening was spent with the members of the new 5 To Strive Cohort. Five women coming together over five weeks to learn five strategies to develop themselves and their business. It was a fabulous session and I was blown away by how they opened up and embraced the challenges before them. I was also exhausted and very proud.


Can you see a theme forming?

Why is it that I am so surprised by the feeling of pride I have for what I see in others – well it took me a little while to work it out

What clinched it was the Facebook post from my Son, currently living the dream in Brisbane, announcing to Social Media, before he told his Mother I hasten to add, that he had secured a  new two year visa. The boy we waved off in August 2018 and haven’t seen since, will be down under until at least October 2022.

Although I  am gutted I lost the family sweep as I put my money on him being home in a fortnight, I am so proud of what he has done, what he has achieved and the life he is making for himself

So why am I so proud of everyone- well after a strong word with my modesty and my Imposter Syndrome I realised, and feel very uncomfortable in saying it……I have played a part in their successes and their achievements.

So in the words of Heather Small and in the style of Miranda – What have you done today to make yourself feel proud?

In other news. I have met the said Heather Small- aptly named as she is the smallest person I have ever met. And for the sake of balance and to ensure there is no accusation of favouritism,  I am also extremely proud of my daughter– without whom Network She wouldn’t exist.


I can’t stop- I am off to beam!


Love & Shenanigans


Ruth x

PS Don’t forget to check out the Events page one the Network She Website to find the details of this week’s Coffee Connections and Power Hour networking events- see you there!

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