Conference Trends for 2019

As modern technology makes its way deeper into the setup of events, we’re seeing significant changes in the way conferences are organised and presented. 

Hosting a conference has become more flexible and affordable than ever before. Organisers are more in touch with the idea of sustainability and ethics. As a business owner, it’s important to know how to tap into the latest trends and provide the best experience for your customers. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at the most important trends for you to incorporate into your next conference.


With the world becoming more aware of global warming and the destruction of the environment, businesses are making an effort to show that they also care. Events are put together with minimum resources in order to prevent wastage. 

Organisers can opt for QR codes that visitors scan for information instead of providing brochures. Food waste can be reduced by not over-ordering and by donating leftovers instead of throwing them away. Recycling bins can be incorporated for attendees to dispose of paper and empty plastic bottles.

These are some of the many efforts that you can make to show that your business cares about sustainability. This not only results in good PR but will also help your business appeal more to younger audiences. 

Straightforward venue pricing

A common issue with organising a conference is that businesses find it difficult to determine the overall cost of an event upfront. Thanks to the advent of dynamic pricing, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you can expect to pay. Using AI in a venue’s website can automate the presentation of different pricing offers. 

This increase in automation means that venue management teams can be smaller, which will further reduce costs for your business. A good way to capitalise on this would be to organise more events and meetings throughout the year. 

Emphasis on a quality experience

Gone are the days of sitting on clunky plastic chairs in front of one speaker and their slideshow. In order to show attendees that your business is professional and focused on quality, your events need to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience. 

The conference spaces offered by Canvas are a great example. They’re all in convenient locations, feature state of the art audio-visual equipment, comfortable seating and unique settings that offer attractive architecture or impressive views of local landmarks. 

Noteworthy venues offered by Canvas Events include the National Gallery, Roundhouse, Barbican and many more. Your attendees will see your business – no matter how small or new – as well established and considerate towards those they work with.

High-quality Internet is in demand

If you’ve attended a recent conference or event, the speaker may have participated in a video call over with someone located elsewhere in the world. This is an effective presentation strategy that is being used more often.

Conference venue owners have noticed this trend. As a result, bigger investments are being made into the Internet services offered by these venues. You can capitalise on this by making use of these upgraded Internet services and incorporating things like conference calls into your presentations.

Technology for convenience

Thanks to modern event management technology and artificial intelligence, event organisers can use live data in order to get a better picture of what’s going on at the venue. Reduced queuing times at entrances and bathrooms is one of the many benefits of this – something that your attendees will appreciate.

Confidence is important

With the complexity of Brexit leaving people with a sense of uncertainty and a lack of clarity, there is a strong desire to look towards those who are confident and knowledgeable. Speakers who can incorporate current matters into their speeches and provide creative solutions to problems that we’re currently facing will be valuable.

Ensure that your business has selected the best speakers and that their presentations incorporate topical ideas. This will leave a positive impression on your audience, resulting in a sense of trust and confidence in your business. 

In summary

These are some of the many new trends and ideas that your business can capitalise on in order to provide a more attendee-friendly experience. While much of your audience may be watching online, those who attend your events are still important. 

Providing the best possible experience for them has significant benefits for the public image of your business. Get out there and make 2019 the year of success! 

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