Recommendation Six!

Just over an hour to go now of my eight hour epic round trip to Cardiff. The capital of the country in which I live. Although it’s a long slog, north to south, it does give me time to catch up with my admin, intermittent wifi and power sources permitting. It also gives me time to do some clear head thinking, or at least it did once the very important lady, with the very important job, that required flip charts,  coloured pens, sticky pads, but definitely no megaphone, got off.

Today I went to meet the rest of the panel, some of whom I have been working with for over a year now, developing a document supporting entrepreneurial women in Wales. It has been an interesting, enlightening and sometimes frustrating  process. I have had the opportunity to meet women, driving forces, I wouldn’t have otherwise met and hopefully will, with my own input, make a positive difference.

The meeting went well and there are plans in place for the next two years, moving forward to improve engagement with budding women entrepreneurs. To gain a clearer understanding of the barriers that prevent women from starting a business. With the proposed outcome resulting in a more agile, tailored and responsive support service that understands and responds to the requirements of women starting and developing  a business in Wales. Recognising their different characteristics, cultures, circumstances and the geographical enforced restrictions that for some, comes with living in rural Wales.  One of the ten recommendations in the document is to “Improve access to business support information sources and to encourage networking between women entrepreneurs and the wider business community” It is recommendation six if you check out the document


Recommendation Six isn’t something new, it’s not rocket science, it is exactly what we have been doing at Network She for the last 12 years. Listening to what women have to say. Talking to them to listen to them, not listening  to them to talk at them. ( Unlike the women on the train) Communicating the messages, the feedback and the needs in to actions and outcomes. Twelve years on we are still Forging the Future for women and young girls. Forging your Future by opening doors to the resources, support and solutions that will help you put your plans in place. 

If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough- Dream Big. But remember a dream without a plan is just a wish. 

Have  you booked your ticket for the Women in Business Conference? No, well then do it now!

When was the last time you took a tour of the Network She website- have you seen how much there is on there?

Have you signed up for the Network She newsletter which we have committed to publishing weekly, keeping you up to date with our events and initiatives.  When did you last get in touch or attend an event. Find out more here

Come and talk to us – we are listening- we are Recommendation Six.

See you soon


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