Chrimbo Limbo

Today I’m inviting you to embrace your visceral power, gather your inner greatness and be the leader you were destined to be!


This is your time and it is your turn to OWN IT. This is your call to action to STEP UP so you can increase your impact on the world, be your most EPIC self and transform your life.


DON’T PANIC- I am not asking you to do anything transformational or epic- but one business coach whose newsletter I have just unsubscribed from- is. 


I am in fact on the couch trying to work out what day it is and why this void between Christmas and New Year renders us useless.


The said newsletter went on to say I can ramp up my income to a six figure sum, which it appears I will need if only to buy the course……….so that is where the author of this “motivational” honey trap was going once they had ramped and pumped the readers in to a frenzy with promises of untold wealth and nauseating greatness. 

Network She chrimbo limbo

But not this reader. I confess to feeling a little nauseas, but I couldn’t rustle up a frenzy of anything if I tried. 


I am firmly wedged into the void that is Chrimbo limbo. I have eaten my body weight in shiny wrapped sweeties and gorged on a chocolate sphere that I have convinced myself, as it professes to contain a hint of orange, is therefore fruit. Which I have also been doing with gallons of a certain apple based alcoholic beverage. I have done everything to excess, I am overly refreshed and I have the Gaviscon to hand to prove it.

Network She chrimbo limbo

What is it about the three days between Christmas and New Year that messes with your head? Time ceases to exist yet races by. The days’ merge as you try and work out what day of the week it actually is. And it gets to the point that if there is one thing you come to crave, it is normality. I am actually looking forward to getting back in to a routine that has some order to it, some structure, a day and a date that make sense and a body clock that hasn’t been over wound by the contents of a selection box.

Network She chrimbo limbo

I am looking forward to writing on the crisp white pages of my new 2019 diary, what women doesn’t love stationery?  I have new and exciting people to meet, events to plan and to attend. Network She HQ officially opens on Thursday 3rd January. We will be checking emails intermittently during the festive break for notifications of lottery wins and party invitations, otherwise all correspondence will also be wallowing in the void that is Chrimbo Limbo until we get back.

Network She chrimbo limbo

It is full on as of the 7th with appointments to discuss our new and exciting “This Girl Means Business” Project. I also have a meeting with a new speaker we have been introduced to. She lives miles away from me, yet in conversation over email we have discovered we grew up in the same area and she was in the same class at school as my best friend’s sister. 


The world is in fact the same size as that orange infused chocolate sphere I referred to and devoured earlier. I am also meeting a wonderful lady that I met on the train. She has come on board with the new Network She “Woman of the World” initiative. We are reaching out to our contacts across the globe, giving them a platform to have their say about what effects them as women living in their corner of the world. 


On January 9th and 16th we will be launching our 2019 events, it is going be a jam packed schedule- exhausting even. So I best make the most of the moment and the down time affectionately known as Chrimbo Limbo- chocolate anyone? 

See you on the other side

Ruth  x

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