Who are the people in your neighbourhood? By Ruth Lloyd-Williams

Jade Paveley and Ruth Lloyd Williams

Listening to the Chris Evans show on Radio Two recently, yes I am of that age, I heard him play a snippet from Sesame Street – “Who are the people in your neighbourhood” I was immediately transported back to a much simpler time in life when no one thought anything of Big Bird or Mr Snuffleupagus teaching young children their ABCs, numbers and colours in the street.


I find it amazing that a TV programme that launched in 1969 managed to overcome all the barriers of gender, faith and race to bring children education via fun on the tele. Delivered by an eclectic mix of characters created by Jim Henson of the Muppets, at a time when the powers that be were at each other’s throats and political fingers waivered over the big red buttons of destruction. The Vietnam War was in full swing when Oscar the Grouch sat in his bin at the bottom of the steps of the big apartment block – and how come Ernie and Bert were never drafted?


So, without apology, and in some way of a tribute to times gone by, this blog is brought to you by the letter A, the number 1 and the colour pink- well why wouldn’t it be?

So let’s play with the word Amazing, the definition of which is

Something that is so wonderful, it is hard to find the words to match. Something that makes your heart beat faster or your heart melt. Something that tops everything else, and always crosses your mind”.

Network She is 11 years old on 6th September.  Even after all this time, what I find the most amazing about my Network She adventure is the people, the people that I meet when I am walking down the street of the Network She neighbourhood.  I have met some amazing women over the years, women who do the most amazing things.


Women like Brenda Fogg at Hope Restored who works tirelessly to support the homeless. At an age when the majority of us would be and should be enjoying the trappings of a hard earned retirement, Brenda feeds and clothes the homeless.  She walks the streets at night handing out blankets whilst we are all tucked up in bed under our matching John Lewis duvet and pillow case sets.



Kate Hardcastle MBE  is another wonder woman I am proud to call a friend. Kate is a retail and commercial expert respected nationally and internationally. She is a regular contributor and industry commentator to Sky News, BBC as well as many trade publications. She is the Patron of a district of the RSPCA, Founder and Chairwoman of the Charity Dreamgirls. Founding Partner of business transformation organisation Insight with Passion.


She was the irritating itch I had to scratch to bring The Women in Sport, North Wales Conference to life and as well as all that she is a wife and Mum to three young children- oh and she can sing!




More recently through the Network She Women in Sport, North Wales Conference I met Jade Paveley. After last Saturday, in my eyes Jade and what she does are the perfect match for the definition of the word Amazing outlined above.

Women In Sport Conference, North Wales at Surf Snowdonia – Jade Saveloy Motor sport


Jade kindly invited me, the official Network She Cowardly Lion, to experience firsthand what it is like to be in the passenger seat of a high speed racing rally car picture of the car.  It was hard to find the words because I couldn’t speak through fear of being sick.


Jade Paveley and Ruth Lloyd Williams

My heart did beat faster, probably a little to fast than is healthy for your average Radio Two listener. My heart did melt, in to my boots and leading up to the experience it crossed my mind constantly as the fear of what was to come had me waking up at night in a sweat. In hind sight that too might be more to do with the fact that I am a lady of a certain age, but all the same, I was scared! Watch the video here.


Jade Paveley and Ruth Lloyd Williams

It was also the one time I have truly and genuinely disappointed my Tribe as they eagerly awaited the screaming, swearing, hysterical coward that is Ruth Lloyd-Williams to emerge from the rally car.   It was an amazing experience, I truly loved it and it was a perfect example that life really does begin at the end of your comfort zone.

Ruth Lloyd Williams

There are so many amazing Network She women to introduce you to.

As it has been an amazing 11 years, I have, of course, also met some lunatics too. So just think, as you are not named in this blog – you might just be one of them?

Ruth Lloyd Williams

Till next time

Love and Shenanigans


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