Women Of The World Contributor -Amanda Kranenburg

I previous worked as a Business Programmer Manager at a bank. After 20 years of service I was offered redundancy, which I grasped with both hands, didn’t have to ask me twice!

I then had a stint as a lecturer and director of a small branding company, but I suddenly decided I needed to ‘live my dream’, so I booked a round the World ticket, for a 12 month period!

In brief, my first stop was New Zealand, via Los Angeles, then a number of places in Australasia, followed by traveling though Asia, then to South Africa. I did a safari in Kruger Park, on horseback, brief stay in Johannesburg, then my next stop was Cape Town.

Travelling around the world was truly a life changing experience, in so many ways. Kruger Park Safari on horseback, sky diving to scuba diving, cray fishing, snorkeling, abseiling in underground caves, to name but a few!

However the most dramatic change occurred in Cape Town, where I met a South African, Jeroen Kranenburg. His family is Dutch, but he was born and brought up in South Africa. After a whirlwind romance we married after only two months of meeting each other. That was four years ago. We have had several challenges along the way, including injuries and burglaries, but we are still together and I am still living in Cape Town.


It truly is a beautiful place with a diverse population, by race, gender, religion and employment status, etc.

I have a wonderful apartment with stunning views, as shown in the photos; what a perfect terrace with views over the ocean and Table Mountain, the icon of Cape Town. It is a great place for a sundowner!

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