Ever Increasing Experts

As time goes by society seems to be increasingly flooded with so called ‘experts’ promising those seeking answers ‘the secret to success’

People are being lead into a false sense of security that these ‘experts’ hold the answers to what they’re tirelessly searching for… often for a large sum of money or a ‘life changing’ course

Who am I to take this view point? I’m nobody-I’m just me!

However, what I have learnt through listening & questioning the motives of just a handful of these ever increasing ‘experts’ is that they too are in search of what ‘works for them’ it’s their BUSINESS to secure often vulnerable minds and in return secure their livelihood!

Please don’t be fooled or coerced into believing the false premise these people portray… social media has become a ‘show’ – A carefully created stage of self taught actors in the hope they get the limelight and applause they desire but which has not been morally earned.

YOU are the expert of YOU!!

This is not a targeted rant but a worthwhile consideration..

All success & change can only come from one person-you!

Sometimes we all need support or to hear a motivational story but if you find yourself in that place, put the work in and seek from true experts who have the foundation knowledge to back up their findings and are ‘living proof’ of their advice..

Research before believing and look within before seeking out…

It’s no wonder mental health rates are soaring when people are living in such a false, misrepresentation of what it means to live and most of all be happy. Some of the richest, most successful people in the world are the unhappiest… that alone is a message in itself

What is a perfect life? Whatever feels perfect to you!

It’s not something to seek in the future, it’s not aspiring to be someone else or being envious of other people’s achievements

A perfect life is being at peace with who YOU ARE and enjoying what you have.

There is No answer, the answer is You!

By SallyLou Battersby


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