The Week End Wind Up

The Week End Wind Up

The Week we Celebrate in Style

To be read whilst listening to Celebration by Kool & The Gang

Thursday 3rdSeptember was a big day in my world and that of the luckiest man In The world- my husband. It was our 26th wedding anniversary. 26 years. Bless him he has spent half of it, 13 years, as Mr Network She, the invisible man. Only ever seen in a DJ once in a blue moon when he gets to be my plus one.

He has been my biggest supporter- my ally- fixer of printer, emptier of bins and responsible for anything that comes into the office with an instruction manual- not my department!

Without him being the yin to my yang I wouldn’t have been able to deliver everything I do. He keeps me sane yet drives me mad. He reigns me in yet lets me loose. And he is prouder of me than my parents would ever confess to being.

He’s not “my type”. On paper we shouldn’t get on (he is a Man United fan) And when you consider we chose to get married on the anniversary of the day war broke out- the odds weren’t stacked in our favour.

But here we are about to take the next big step on our big adventure

I love him more now than I did when I married him. Back then in 1994 he was a great bloke that made me laugh and made my bits twitch- to much info- sorry. Since then he has proved himself to be an amazing husband, a fabulous Father to our kids and just the best Grumps to our grand kids.

He has the patience of a saint and is laid back to the point of being horizontal. Which can be really irritating

He buys flowers and random gifts for no apparent reason- other than because he can.

Internet shopping has proved to be an interesting source of random gifts- the flamenco apron and matching earrings were an all-time low but the joy of the gift of giving makes him happy.

He lets me have my own way and I let him think he is getting his.

My Gran told me 26 years ago that the basis to a happy Marriage was to make him think that it was all his own idea. And she was right.

He doesn’t know it yet but sometime over the next few weeks he is going to think it’s a great idea that we spend a good chunk of 2021 testing the WFP initiative -Working From Paradise

So why am I telling you this?

Well you never know who is going to walk into your life, or when. What they look like or the impact they are going to have on you and your business

I met a woman two years ago who I sat with for most of Wednesday laying the foundations for the next 13 years of Network She- the next 13 years of your future potential

She was probably looking at me thinking you don’t look like a woman who is going to change the world- I was the one with linguine down the front of my shirt!

Today I made a call to a certain young lady today and invited her to

put her money where her mouth is and get involved in the next chapter of your epic adventure

A couple of weeks ago I signed on the dotted line and brought someone into the company to make the wheels turn smoother and more efficiently-

None of us look like Karen Brady or Oprah- we don’t fit the media image of success, but oh my god are we going to show them what success looks like- and it’s going to be yours, your success – your happy ever after

Now I can’t stop I left my Wonder Woman cape at the dry cleaners and my big girl pant are in the wash!

Love & Shenanigans


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