One Steph Beyond – Q & A with Steph Jeavons

Colwyn Bay Motorcycles are delighted to be hosting a Questions & Answers session with the inspirational Steph Jeavons, aka ‘One Steph Beyond‘, on Friday 11th May at 7pm.

Steph Jeavons


Steph has just finished riding round the world on her Honda CRF250L and is the first woman to have visited all 7 continents as a solo female rider.This will be Steph’s official welcome home party and the first presentation that she has done in the UK since her return. Steph is from Old Colwyn and has even worked for us, so we are chuffed to be welcoming her back and you are all invited!

  • When: Friday 11th May at 7pm
  • Where: Colwyn Bay Motorcycles, 4 Groes Road, Colwyn Bay, LL29 8PU
  • Cost: We will be asking for a donation on the door for Blood Bikes Wales with a minimum donation of £5 to gain entry to the event. Food and drink will be included.

If you would like to attend, please register your interest below:


A little bit about Steph:

Steph Jeavons set off from the Ace Cafe, London in 2014 to circumnavigate the world. Two weeks ago, she finally returned!

Steph has been around motorbikes most of her life with both parents and one of her two sisters riding as well. Her grandmother even rode bikes during the war! Steph herself has been riding since the age of 21. I think you can safely say it’s in the blood. In 2008 she set up her own off-road motorcycle school in the UK as well as desert tours in Morocco alongside the British Dakar rider Mick Extance.

Steph has ridden across the Atlas mountains and in the Sahara five times. She has crossed the US coast-to-coast four times, got muddy in Wales with names like John McGuinness and, just once, nearly punched Carl Fogarty in the face! Steph also worked with Nick Sanders setting up his expedition centre in Machynlleth.

She left all this excitement behind to pursue her dream of riding her motorcycle to all seven continents – solo!

Steph Jeavons

Steph has taken her Honda CRF250L further than any 250cc has been before. She has survived extreme heat, freezing conditions, landslides and wind that blew her off her bike in Patagonia. She has camped, couch-surfed and stayed with fellow bikers along the way whilst avoiding the main roads and sticking to the dirt where possible. She touched down and rode her motorbike on Antarctica in February 2015 after successfully crossing the notoriously rough Drake Passage in a small sailing yacht.

Now back in the UK, Steph is ready to share her adventures with our customers at Colwyn Bay Motorcycles!

One Steph Beyond – the Blog

For those of you that might not have seen Steph’s blog, here’s a snippet from her latest article:

Raindrops slipped between the well-used visor and the duct tape that held it in place, dripping onto my nose and forming a thick layer of mist that was almost impossible for my eyes to penetrate. The clouds obscured the sun, leaving a greyness that I had failed to recall during my ‘nostalgia for the rain’ moments in the sweltering desert stretches of Iran or Sudan!

What was it I always said? Oh, yes, ‘Riding a bike allows you to see and feel everything around you. It is wonderful to be open to the elements and vulnerable to your surroundings’! I must have written that back in the days of warm summer breezes! The sky was now in full sarcastic mode and beating a tune on my helmet that said, ‘Welcome back, SUCKER!’. Still, four years on, despite the ‘Beast from the East’ flicking its nonchalant wet tail in my face, it was good to be back in Europe! I was finally closing the circle I had set out to draw all those years ago, having ridden my ‘silly little’ 250cc on all seven continents. It felt good! It was soggier than I had imagined – but it did feel good!


Steph Jeavons

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