My Mum Fran By Kirsty Mellor

Mum, grandma, sister and friend,
Baking, cooking and caring no end.
Today it’s your day, and I just want to say
“Happy Mother’s Day” – I love you!
My mum Fran.

Always there, always to care,
No task too big, or gratitude too small.
Done with a smile as big as a mile,
My mum Fran.

As busy as a bee, and as colourful too,
Never stops, with so much to do.
Ladies fellowship, church and an agenda packed full,
Trips to London, lunches and a store full of wool!
My mum Fran.

Power walking by the sea,
Or knitting in the name of charity.
Cups of tea & coffee and slices of cake,
Driving friends and family with appointments to make.
My mum Fran.

A real trooper, dedicated to the cause,
Hours spent at bedsides, without a pause.
Dad went away, with the angels upstairs,
But you’ve built a life for yourself without despairs.
My mum Fran.
Swimming galas on a Saturday,
Sunday roasts with all the trimmings
We never wanted for anything.
Our lives were complete – we were winning!
My mum Fran.

Caring, sharing, making and baking
Bara brith, scones and jam, cupcakes and lemon meringue pie.
The list is endless and to the sky …
Mending, sewing and cleaning our shoes,
Always with a smile – never to lose.
My mum Fran.

Laughing, crying, dancing, singing
The best life teacher I could have wished for.
Shopping till we’re dropping and eating till we’re bursting,
We’ve shared it all, who needs more?
My mum Fran.

A superhero award is just not enough,
For the biggest heart I have ever known.
And one day is just not enough to say
Happy Mother’s Day – I love you
You’re the best and thank you for everything and every day!
I’m your daughter and your biggest fan.
My mum Fran.


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