Inspirational Women By Claire Evans

Inspirational women Women of the World

I have been blessed to have incredibly strong women around me throughout my life. Both of my grandmother’s were a force of nature. My mum travelled the world and has the stories to tell, at a time where it wasn’t the ‘norm’ for women to travel far and wide. My Aunt is a very successful business woman and globe trotter, the travel gene is certainly in the family! My sister is a successful career woman, Mum to my 2 boisterous, gorgeous nephews and a great wife. Mum made a comment once, that the down side of raising 2 strong, independent women is that we know our own minds and are determined (think she actually used the word stubborn?!).

I have always been inspired by women who break the mould, I remember sitting with my Dad following Ellen Macarthur on her solo circumnavigation of the globe, being blown away by what she was doing and the fact she replied to the messages I sent her. Then there is the powerhouse that is Serena Willams, that woman is incredible and so often gets slammed for her passion and drive, I love her latest Nike advert, ‘Dream crazier’. Why is it that women who drive for success in whatever field they choose, whether it is being greatest mum or a CEO, are often labelled, and sadly, quite often, by other women. We should stand together and celebrate what every single one of us achieve, not tear each other apart.

Women Who Inspire Me

I am surrounded by women who inspire me every single day. My sister tribe builds each other up, living so far from extended family, we have to support each other, be each other’s rock or if needed the shoulder to cry on and then open the wine with. My friend Hannah, she can do all of the above and more, at the same time, even at 30 metres down in the ocean, she is that good! 🙂

Inspirational women Women of the World

The woman who has inspired me most over the past 4 years, has become a very dear friend and teacher. When it comes to strong women, she is one of the strongest. She comes from a country where women are still very much in the background, she has worked hard and strived to become the force she is today. In India, she was a drive time DJ on one of India’s main radio channels. 4 years ago, she married, and came to live here on the rock, so far from and alien to anything she knew before. Now, she is fluent Spanish, lives a very full and busy life, manages her own business and shops like a demon! She has also pushed me to realise who I am, what I am capable of and makes me strive to be the best version of me, so much so that in just over a week, I board a plane to India, for one month, on my own to study the ancient Indian philosophy of Ayurveda. Thank you Jigs.

“It is women like this that I want to surround myself with”

Last week, my friend and I built an Ikea sofa, the truest test of any relationship! The instructions showed that you don’t need one man, but two! No mention of a woman in there. Well guess what, we built the sofa in record time, didn’t have any screws left over and still had time for a cup of tea! Never underestimate the power of a determined woman!

However, as great as it is to be surround by awesome women, we often forget the strongest woman of all.  The one that looks back at you from your mirror. Never forget, YOU ARE AMAZING.

Be your own hero.

Much love
Claire x

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