Resolving Overload – Your Mind’s Eye Pictures

Have you ever faced a situation which felt overwhelming, and you couldn’t understand why? Maybe you had to give a short presentation, which worried you for weeks. Or you had to deal with someone who’d upset or undermined you, not badly, but enough that you dreaded them doing it again.

It’s frustrating to experience emotions which seem, to the logical thinking, to be completely out of proportion with the situation. And trying to work out why (which, by the way isn’t necessary for resolving it) gets even more frustrating…

So what’s behind the emotional overload?

Often it’s not the situation itself, but the way you’re picturing it in your mind’s eye. So if you’ve got something that’s stressing you out, rather than trying to work out why, take a few minutes to notice how you’re picturing it in your mind.

How big is the picture? How brightly coloured? How sharply focused? Are you seeing it like it’s right there in front of you, or as an outside observer?

Because each of these characteristics can influence how that thing makes you feel. Take a little time to experiment with each, one at a time.

You might step out of the picture, so you can see its edges, and the distance between you and it. If it has movement, freeze it to a still. Shrink it down – all the way down to the size of a postage stamp if you like. Fade its colours and its focus.

With each adjustment, notice how the feeling changes. And when you’ve found what makes the biggest difference, do it again – starting with the thought of the thing, letting its picture come to mind, then running those changes to make it feel better. Three or four times, step by step, is often all it takes for your automatic thinking to apply the adjustments all by itself, for good.

The situation might still need you to take action – but that’s so much easier once you can think of it comfortably

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