Fitting bras whilst building trust and friendships

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Bliss Lingerie Ltd opened its door in January 2020 offering a Personal Bra Fitting Service providing Regular, Mastectomy, Sport, Maternity and Teenage Bras for ladies and girls of all ages.  They have a Lingerie shop in the village of Hope, North Wales with a website due to launch later this year.  As soon as covid restrictions allow, they will be working closely with Breast Test Wales and North Wales Breast Care Nurses.

Judith Owen of Bliss Lingerie said: “As a lot of us ladies are finding the pandemic hard enough to deal with I don’t want to be the person to add further anxiety so, I am simply reminding you of the importance to check your breasts regularly and see your GP if you notice a change. Checking your breasts only takes a few minutes. There’s no special technique and you don’t need training to check your breasts. Check the whole breast area, including your upper chest and armpits. Do this regularly to check for changes.

“As a Bra Fitter I have met ladies who are all at different stages of recovery.  As a business we are not only there to fit bras but to build trust, friendship and most importantly listen. This is as important as the bra. The Mastectomy Bra brands we stock are Amoena, Royce, Anita and Trulife.


If you have any questions, please email:”


Customer Reviews:

“I never thought I’d say that shopping for a bra was a pleasurable experience, how wrong could I be. I spent nearly an hour trying on different styles until I found one that I was really happy with, having had a mastectomy I’m not the easiest to fit. I also wanted something lacy and underwired as they are a bit more attractive. Nothing was too much trouble, I bought four bras, three of them strapless which is something of a mean feat given that it had to accommodate a prosthesis but my visit was a complete success. Two of the bras had to be ordered, however they will be delivered to my home next week free of charge. Thank you all for your efficiency, I will most definitely be back”.

“I recently visited Bliss Lingerie for a bra fitting. Judith was lovely. She listened to what I wanted and not only measured me, but she talked me through the process and explained how the bra should fit. It made such a difference from the bra that I was uncomfortably wearing when I went into the shop. I will definitely be recommending Bliss Lingerie to friends and will visit again in the future”.



In support of research carried out by “Against Breast Cancer” into secondary breast cancer, Bliss Lingerie has a permanent Bra Bin in the shop for all your old bras (please feel free to drop them off)!!  The new project for “Against Breast Cancer” is to collect as many used postage stamps as possible therefore if you can help Bliss Lingerie collect stamps this would be so greatly appreciated!!

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