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On a warm and gilded afternoon in Autumn, there is nowhere I’d rather be than wandering the leafy lanes of my home in North East Wales, searching the hedgerows for the season’s bounty, picking the softly yielding fruit with eager anticipation. Having made sloe gin for a few years now, […]

Before investing in a company, consider these 5 tips

Like snowflakes, seashells and sunrises, early-stage investment opportunities are unique, inherently difficult to assess and impossible to compare. So, the decision for an angel to put £10k+ into a company is always a complicated one.   This challenge is exacerbated by the way in which investment opportunities are typically presented. […]

Keep your online audience involved so they are not tempted by distractions

Though online presentation has been around for some time, its usage has skyrocketed during the last year. We all have been in hundreds web meetings, but the biggest issue remains engaging and retaining the attention of the audience.   According to a survey by Prezi and Harris Poll (https://blog.prezi.com/presentation-habits-presenters-dont-like-to-admit/), while […]

Tech Tips for Mumpreneurs

Following on from our initial article earlier this year on how to be a mum and an entrepreneur, we’ve put together some tech tips to help you get further ahead. In this article, we dive into more advanced tech tips to boost productivity, use technology to your advantage, and avoid […]

Covid-19 and Breast Cancer Care

For those with breast cancer, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected just about every aspect of cancer care, including screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. Only urgent symptomatic cases have been prioritised for diagnostic intervention since the national lockdown was introduced in March. Need2Know Books is giving free digital access to The Essential Guide to Breast Cancer. A paperback […]