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What the Heck is Retirement Anyway

What the heck is retirement anyway? I have heard people apologising for not retiring, asking me when I’m going to retire etc and it really has got me curious about what it does mean. The dictionary definition is this:-   “The action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing […]

To Boost Your Business, Create a Podcast

Podcasting provides the potential to put your business in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers. Take Mining Journal, for example. Despite their rather niche and down-to-earth subject matter, in just 10 episodes Mining Journal’s podcast reached over 200,000 listeners. To give you an idea of how big that […]

Charity launches new Omega-3 home test that can predict your cognitive ability, dementia risk, brain size and intelligence

A new ‘do it at home’ pinprick blood test for omega-3 can predict your cognitive ability, dementia risk, brain size and intelligence.   Foodforthebrain.org, a charity dedicated to researching cognitive function and helping people look after their brain and reduce their risk of dementia and other brain-related health challenges, has […]

Interview with Florence Rebattet

Founder of En Cuisine Cooking School   What prompted you to start En Cuisine Cooking School? I have always been passionate about cooking and never understood why parents keep educating their children’s pallets with sweet dishes instead of healthy food. After moving to London with my son over a decade […]