When a wig can be a cancer patients’ best friend – Morgan’s are on a mission.

Owner of two specialist wig salons in North Wales and Cheshire, Rebecca Morgan Brennan is shouting loud and clear for Breast Cancer awareness month that women need to ensure they are checking their breasts, attending appointments and being vigilant.

Rebecca and her team’s experience in helping people with their hair loss, is extensive, having trained with Trevor Sorbie MBE and also attended many courses by wig suppliers from across the country.

Recognising through her experience that often after treatment patients are sick of their wigs, Rebecca is keen to encourage people to come to her clinics, attend her salons or just give her a call. She and her team are able to help those going through treatment from the early stages right through to when treatment ends.

A wig is a patient’s best friend whilst there is little to no hair, but when the hair starts to grow back, there is a limbo situation. I find that people visiting my salon are pleased that their own hair is growing back, but they are still struggling with their image. It can often take up to 4-6 months  for their hair, brows and lashes to grow back.

‘This transition is hard, they no longer are seeing any clinicians, any pain can trigger fear and their relationships with loved ones, spouses and friends, it can all feel tricky to get back on track.

Covid has offered a double blow, patients are now on their own far more.’


Covid has not cancelled Cancer.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, those suffering from all forms of cancer including breast cancer patients are still facing a difficult journey and are more vulnerable than ever. Current covid-19 measures have meant that patients are attending treatments and appointments alone and then when home they are shielding. Couple this with a fear that going to the doctors or hospital could mean catching the virus and we are looking at some very worrying statistics potentially.



Expert care

Rebecca has cared for breast cancer patients for over 12 years and is experienced in helping in particular, women with the emotional and mental challenges of dealing with changes to skin and hair when going through treatment, which is sadly all too much of a real part of the process.

Keen to support those going through such a traumatic event, Rebecca is working with charities and her local community to bring much needed help to ensure that patients are provided with manageable solutions to the mentally challenging experience of hair loss, weight gain and any other nasty side effects of treatments.

National service

Alongside her work with the charity Look Good Feel Better, Rebecca runs weekly appointment clinics in her home region of North Wales. It does not stop there though. Patients from across the North West and the country seek advice from Rebecca and her team. They not only provide service through the salons, but also online. With a vast selection of hair loss solutions, Morgan’s are keen to ensure that they help as many people as possible.

More important than ever to be vigilant

‘Women need to check themselves and understand that there are things out there to help during this very difficult time. Find your ‘Breast Friend’ on the virtual Look Good Feel Better online clinics and the clinics that I am thrilled to be recommencing locally, are just a couple of many things that are out there and are still available to people. It is so important to me that I can continue to help women with their hair loss journey.

I really want to make a plea to say please do not delay your attending the doctors if you feel you need to, make sure that you prioritise your health.’

To find out more about the clinics please call Rebecca on 01745 798747 for your initial consultation. Clinics are held in Nailbase, 30 Queen’s Road, Llandudno LL30 1AZ.

To find out more about Morgan’s please visit www.morganshairandbeauty.co.uk

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