Carolyn Harris MP leads march of hundreds of menopause warriors following huge wins for the Menopause Bill in Parliament

The Second Reading of Carolyn Harris’, MP for Swansea East, Menopause (Support and Services) Bill took place in the House of Commons on Friday.  Carolyn spoke about the need for better training in medical schools, better support in the workplace, teaching of the menopause on the school curriculum and improved public health messaging. At the end of the reading it was confirmed that a menopause task force will be formed with Carolyn as the Co-Chair, to speed up the tackling of these issues head on.


Currently, it can cost women hundreds and sometimes even thousands of pounds a year to access the right treatment.  Today it was confirmed that, as a result of Carolyn’s Menopause Bill, it will be cheaper for women to access Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), a drug which is life-changing for so many women.


In June Carolyn Harris was selected in the Private Members Bill Ballot in the House of Commons, going on to pick the menopause as the focus of her Bill.  Through this Bill, Carolyn aimed to get more people talking about the menopause and create a real step change in attitudes towards the menopause in education, health and the workplace.  Since the first reading, Carolyn has had so much support in response to the Bill, with many workplaces, such as Timpsons, committing to making changes that will improve access to menopause support, which is vital for women’s health and wellbeing.


The Menopause Revolution has also led to the creation of the APPG on Menopause, a real driving force for change.  In recent months the APPG has been undertaking a menopause enquiry, examining workplace policy, medical school training, public health messaging and school curriculums.


Following the debate, Carolyn joined hundreds of menopause warriors in Parliament Square to celebrate the achievements of the campaign so far.


Carolyn Harris, MP for Swansea East, said:


“It’s been a huge day for the menopause revolution.  It was fantastic to see support for the Bill from across the political spectrum.  In the last few months with the progression of my Menopause Support and Services Bill we have been making huge strides in changing people’s attitudes, and this is just the start.


“We have seen menopause warriors in parliament and the media opening up about their own experiences, calling out the lack of support in the workplace and the difficulties accessing the right treatment.  I have been delighted to see this support for what we’re trying to achieve in parliament.


“By working together across the house we are changing the lives of so many women around the country and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved today and what we’ll achieve in the months ahead.  Better support at work, fewer barriers to accessing the right treatment, and greater understanding from families and friends.  The menopause revolution is well underway and it’s changing policy and changing lives.”


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