A little yoga can make a huge difference to your business

Running a business and having a successful career is wonderful – except when it’s not. Working with the biggest names in sport, as a global change-maker with a big mission and purpose, and working a 100-hour week, I burned out. My health, relationships and happiness were driven into the ground.


I listened to my heart’s wisdom and followed it to Antigua. Here I floated in the turquoise Caribbean Sea, walked barefoot on the white sand, ate ripe, juicy mangoes from the tree and fell into a rhythm with nature. This immersion in nature restored my wellness. Then it began feeding me with inspiration for True Business – a way of being in business in harmony with our true, higher nature and creative consciousness.


Chasing profit, ahead of everything else, separates us from our true selves and from nature. But when you take consistent business action inspired by your heart’s wisdom, you build structures that nourish and support you to thrive. Your business becomes a vehicle for creating win-win outcomes.


To get to this place, consider bringing the principles of yoga into your business. Yoga offers a way of being that unites us with our creative consciousness.



Start by connecting with your heart’s wisdom and learning to listen to what it has to tell you.


You can do this through meditation; or by being in nature—perhaps swimming in the ocean, or walking in the forest—or by journaling, painting, dancing, breathwork, movement, playing with your children or pets. Find your preferred way.



Now listen to your heart’s wisdom to build a practical business structure that is completely aligned with who you are and what you came here to do.


Listen to your heart’s wisdom to receive your purpose, and to discover your audience – the people your purpose naturally serves. What is the one thing you want to say to them, from your heart to theirs?  What is your message? Where are you showing up to meet them and provide value?



This gives you a clear pathway, which is unique and true to you. You are ready to take action that will take your forwards in the right direction enabling you to fulfil your purpose and bring you joy.


Any action taken without attachment to outcome becomes skilful action, also called Karma Yoga. This opens a flow of opportunities that are a match for you and your business. What was previously challenging becomes inevitable.


Remember, it takes courage to trust the whisper of your heart – to let go of attachments and control. You may initially experience a panic, a fear that if you do let go nothing will happen, that the clients, the deal, and the money won’t come in! You may worry that your business will fail and tell yourself that you must get busy and you must push! But, on the other side of surrender, you will experience release and relief.



There are many yoga poses I use myself to help with different aspects of business: to provide a grounded presence before a meeting or presentation (Mountain Pose); to provide an energy boost (Goddess Pose); to allow the assimilation of information after a meeting (Corpse Pose); etc.


Warrior 2 Pose: provides the focus required to meet a deadline. I use it when I feel scattered or overwhelmed, or when I need to go the last 100 metres to complete a project. This is how it is done:

Face the long side of your mat, arms stretched out, feet parallel in a wide stance. Turn your right foot towards the short end of the mat. Bend your right knee over your right ankle. Press down the outer edge of your back foot. Reach strongly through both arms and turn your gaze to look past your right fingertips. Repeat on the left.


So many business owners and high-level managers are working too hard, too fast, and risking burnout. But by bringing the principles of yoga into your business, you can avoid burnout and build the business at the same time.




Kat Byles is the Founder of the True Business School

Web: www.True-Business-School.com


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