The Power of Images

As we approach the end of another challenging year, it’s a great time to reflect on our own personal highlights. For me, being able to come together and connect in person again with other business women and even celebrate each other’s successes has been amazing. 

One of my favourite occasions of the year has to be the Network She Lockdown Legacy book launch in November. This was a fabulous charity event to mark an amazing piece of history; a book that tells the story of so many women’s experiences, good and bad, of the unprecedented events in 2020.


Being able to capture the joy and emotion felt by these ladies in images that they can now share to help promote the book and spread their message further was a real privilege. 


Images are uniquely powerful in telling our story and I am lucky enough to help my clients with that all year round as a Personal Branding Photographer! The right image can convey so much about your personality and this is invaluable for allowing us to connect with the right people.

This year has also meant an expansion into a new area for me. I have been helping my branding photography clients to gain clarity around their brand identity and messaging for some time, as we work together to design a photoshoot that sums them up perfectly, and draws their ideal customers to them, by letting them get a real flavour of who they really are.

I realised that this process of reflecting on what it is about you that makes you exactly the right person to help your potential clients, and drilling down into the best way to communicate this, is so valuable for all business owners. It’s easy to get lost in the day to day of our work and forget the unique value that we have to offer. I really believe that, in order to have the kind of impact that we dream of having, we must feel completely aligned with our brand, so that it reflects our values and passion, and speaks directly to the people we can most help.


So, as we enter a New Year, I have two key pieces of advice for anyone wanting to feel more aligned and connect with more of the right people in 2022:

1. Consider how well your brand reflects your personality and values. It’s YOU that makes your business different to anyone else, even if they are offering something very similar. Think about what makes you uniquely able to serve your clients in the best way possible, and make sure that comes across. You will stand out from the crowd and attract people that you will love working with. 

2. Review the images that you are using.
What do they say about you and your business? Do you regularly show images of yourself, and, if so, do you come across in the way you want to? Do your images tell your unique story and allow your audience to feel a part of your journey? Most importantly, do you feel proud of your pictures, because you are far more likely to make sure you are visible if you have images that you love!  



Sarah White of Sarah White Branding & Photography

(Network She Member)


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