How to Make a Great First Impression in a Business Meeting

Every small business owner understands the importance of growing their business, and that it relies on much more than simply good ideas. Regardless of how good the product or service that you are selling is, the fact of the matter is that if you fail to make crucial good impressions at first business meetings, you could find yourself losing out on game-changing financial backing or a strong business partnership. If you’ve got a first meeting coming up with a potential new partner, client, investor, or somebody else who could prove to be extremely influential in your company, here are some top tips to keep in mind for making a great first impression. 

Be Punctual:

Arriving late and stressed out is not going to create the great first impression that you want to leave people with. Instead, always be punctual at the very least or even better, arrive early. That being said, don’t arrive too early – a few minutes is usually ideal as it gives you time to get settled without cutting into other peoples’ ability to prepare for the meeting. If you are too early, find something to do like getting a drink of water or freshening up in the bathroom. 

Upgrade Your Wheels:

If you’re driving to attend a lot of business meetings, then the car that you arrive in can have a bigger effect on the first impression that you make than you may realise. If you’re turning up in an old dirty car, for example, then that’s going to play some part in forming the impression of you that the people who saw you driving into the car park will have. Now is a great time to consider upgrading your wheels to a car that’s going to help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. If you don’t want to spend all that money on a luxury vehicle outright, you can lease an Evoque or any other vehicle of your dreams if you want to make the right impression. Not only is this one a stunning car to look at, but it’s also very practical for your everyday life. 

Dress Appropriately:

When it comes to what you wear for a business meeting, bear in mind that your attire will play a huge part in the impressions of you that are formed. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to dress a notch above your usual business clothing. If your office tends to be quite casual and you usually wear jeans and sweaters for work, for example, then you’ll want to upgrade on this for a business meeting. Generally, a suit for guys and suit, blouse and skirt or a smart dress for ladies is appropriate. 

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Get to Know People:

The few minutes before the meeting starts is a great opportunity for you to make some small talk and get to know more about people. Show some interest in the other meeting participants; this will help put them at ease and paying attention to personal details will help you get long-term relationships with them off to a great start. 

For small business owners, business meetings can be crucial to getting that next big investment, partnership, or supplier – so, make sure you’re making the right impression. 

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