Women in Sport Profile: Sonia Roberts @ Beach Body Studio


I am fairly small and loud with lots of energy and a passion for strength training, martial arts and fitness. I am fast approaching the BIG 40, happily married and blessed with two hormonal teenagers! I started out in the Fitness Industry in 2011 quickly becoming known in North Wales for my unique Boxercise classes and Bikini Bodybuilding achievements.

A few years ago, after a good 20 years of leaving the sport, I returned to the Korean military martial art of Tae Kwon-Do as a way to share some time with my youngest son and encourage him to be active. My return to Tae Kwon-do has seen many successes with me being undefeated in the North Wales Championships for 3 years running as well as taking titles such as English Champion, British Champion, Welsh Champion and last year I became European Champion.

I Haven’t Always Loved Sport

I was also the only female from North Wales selected for the International Team to fight for Wales in Poland. In exactly one month we have our Tae Kwon-Do International World Championships where I will be trying to better my position of 3rd in the World in an attempt to achieve my childhood dream of becoming World Champion.  

I haven’t always loved sports and fitness though, in fact if I am honest I loathed PE in school. If I hadn’t accidently found martial arts at the age of 9 when I was looking for the Brownies Hut I may never have evolved into the person I am today! I am a true testament to the fact that you have to find some form of exercise or movement that you enjoy if you are to continue with it over a prolonged period of time.



I fully appreciate that the last thing most people want is another trim Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor preaching about the benefits of exercise and telling you what you should and shouldn’t be eating. I have personally been considerably overweight and completely understand all the fears and emotions associated with weight gain, not to mention the physical restrictions. When I finally started to address my weight issue I made many, many mistakes and tried every fad diet going with varying results until a year or so later I eventually ended up with an eating disorder. With the help and support needed not only did I emerge to be fit and healthy leading into a successful couple of years achieving multiple Bikini Bodybuilding titles I more importantly developed the empathy, knowledge and ability to help others. This is something I am very passionate about.

So why am I sharing my past so openly?

The good news is I have made all the mistakes so that you do not have to! I feel it’s very important that you realise whatever it is you are going through you are not alone.


The bravery it takes to step foot inside any strength and fitness based establishment with other lycra clad lovelies when you are not feeling at your best is a monumental task in itself and this is where my Personal Training and Fitness Studio in Denbigh has been created to be different. Beach Body Studio has been specifically designed to be a welcoming non-judgemental environment where you are much more than just another number in the system.

Family Community

You will become part of our Family community. I want to get to know YOU! My purpose is to guide you on your way and make you feel better about yourself on that journey whilst introducing you to a bunch of wonderful like-minded people who will help make fitness fun and full of friendships.


Sonia Roberts, BeachBody Studio

Beach Body Studio, Lenten Pool, Denbigh LL16 3LG, 07776 272309

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