To faith, or not to faith?

You’ve gotta have Faith!

Isn’t that what George Michael said in 1987, so it must be true!!

So what is faith? According to the Internet – faith is the complete trust or confidence in a person, thing or concept.

Not something I can say about the British Government at the moment … but that’s a whole other topic!!

Anyway, here’s my take on faith and what it means to me. Enjoy!


Believing without prejudice
We all want to believe in something. To a certain extent we all need to believe in something to give us a purpose and a reason to keep pushing forwards. For me, I feel comforted in the knowledge that having a faith in something or someone helps me get by.

Maybe we don’t all call it faith, and for everybody it’s something or someone different. But it’s there – that little shining light of hope.

We should all be allowed to believe in something, without prejudice.


Everybody needs a ‘church’
By this I mean more a belief system. A reason to be. A connection or a feeling of being connected to something or someone. I’m not referring to this as just the religious form, as beliefs are often considered as only convictions or religious beliefs. Here I refer to beliefs relating to the sphere of daily life. This doesn’t need to have a basis or foundation in reality, but more something that can provide you with an adequate explanation. The basis of the belief. Somewhere you can go, or someone you can turn to when needed. OK, enough of the deep meaningful stuff!

We all need a guiding light and something to help us navigate our thoughts and feelings. Our ‘church’ is where we find peace and seek clarity. It’s where we feel safe and at ease. It’s where we go to find the answers …. or not!


Pressing the reset button
I recently had this conversation with my husband (who is going through a bit of a mid-life crisis at the moment. A bit like never ending man-flu – again another story!!). Anyway, he decided that his ‘church’ is the gym. A few hours of channeling his focus into other activities, of feeling something and letting go. A place he can get the blood pumping through his veins. He can forget his troubles, breathe through his troubles and let go of his troubles …. and actually realise that he has no trouble at all!! (which I think is the problem in the first place!!). Anyway, it makes him feel good, feel refreshed and feel alive. A bit like pressing the reset button. I’m a big supporter of that faith!

My church is the outdoors
Being outside makes me feel alive. It challenges me to be present, aware, and to live in the moment. There is so much beauty when we open our eyes and stare it in the face. That’s enough of a foundation for me, a connection to something real and helps provide me with the answers and explanations I need! We all know what it’s like to ‘blow the cobwebs away’ with a blast in the fresh air. How good does it make you feel afterwards? Refreshed, revived and ready to take on the world. What better church is there!

Churches come in all different shapes and sizes. The main point of faith is that it’s there for everybody … the door should always be open. Take a chance, be brave and open the door … that’s where the magic happens!

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