Seize the day

What an apt title for the next chapter in my book. This whole year has been about seize the day. Last year was a difficult one, from health scares, to loosing friends, I made a decision to not wait anymore and put a plan in motion.

This plan included retraining in something I could take on the road, to buying a property, travelling in India alone for said training and then in May giving notice on a job I really enjoyed.

I made the decision to be master of my own destiny. On 3rd August I finished with the company I have invested time, love and energy in, to start my own business. I am now an Ayurvedic Therapist!! I know, try saying that after a couple of vino tintos! What this means is I can be my own boss, I can manage my own time, walk my dogs three times a day, spend time with my husband when he’s home and when the time is right to start travelling again, have a skill I can earn money from.

One of my favourite films is the bucket list. I have a bucket list that is ever changing. I seem to cross one thing off and add five more. I believe everyone should have a bucket list. It doesn’t matter what’s on there. It’s no ones business other than yours, but it’s an accountability check that you are living your life and taking opportunities and moments. Don’t wait until something happens, like in the film, start now, write a list of 10 things you want to do in life. Write it as if today is your last day, then do it. Put it on the fridge, print photos to make it real and make yourself accountable to it. Sometimes, seize the day takes months of planning, other times it may be impulse. Book that holiday, quit the job that makes you angry and upset, end the relationship that makes you feel sad and worthless. You have no idea what the next minute holds, never mind the next few years. Why wait until the right time, as it will never ever come. There will always be an excuse or reason why now isn’t a good time. Sometimes you just have to seize the day, make a decision and put a plan into action.


Amanda, this is for you and so many others that have gone too soon, I promise that I will seize every single day and live it like it’s my last. xx

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