Different Ways to Use Vellum throughout Your Wedding Invitation Suite

A luxurious wedding invitation suite is not a mere expression of your lavish occasion. It also displays you and your partner’s exquisite taste. Luxury is not synonymous with excess but a beautiful showcase of your personality. And when it comes to wedding invitations, using vellum paper is one way to give your guests a hint of the sophistication they can expect at your wedding.

Vellum paper is a popular stationery material for wedding invitations. The sheer beauty and simple construction of vellum paper make it highly versatile. You can incorporate different styles to produce a bespoke and ultra-luxe wedding invitation suite. Here are a few ways to use vellum paper to impress your guests. 


Layer it

To get a truly luxe look and feel, layer vellum with papers or textiles in various textures. You can layer white vellum with a card stock in solid colours or even with unique patterns, such as fabric, wood, and marble. The muted aesthetic of vellum looks sophisticated with just about any colour combination. Moreover, it adds refined beauty effortlessly into your wedding day invitations. To get inspired, click here to take a look at some lovely wedding invitation designs.


Use it as a mailer

There is no better way to balance out your vividly watercolour-painted wedding invitation suite than by tucking them into thick vellum envelopes. Vellum paper comes in various weight and thickness combinations. We recommend 48lb vellum as its construction and weight are similar to lightweight card stock. While it is not so thick, its rigidity makes it an excellent material for envelopes.


Sheer overlay 

Adding a sheer moment to your suite with the inclusion of a thin vellum sheet having the exact dimensions of the actual wedding invitation is an excellent way to upgrade your styling. Medium weight vellum featuring between 21 and 30 lbs is an excellent invitation overlay and may incorporate light printing that allows you to customise using monograms, borders, and trims.


Invitation preview

If you’re too excited for your guests to see the lavish design of your wedding invitation suite, you may use light or medium-weight vellum as your inner envelope. This is ideal if you will send the invitation via standard mail. Use thicker card stock for the external envelope and beautifully package your invite using a sheer interior enclosure instead. 


Save the date aesthetic

To add elegant depth and dimension to your save the date card, include medium-weight vellum with artwork that gives your guests a hint to your wedding’s central theme. You can even feature your engagement photo on vellum, provided you seek the help of a top-notch stationer to ensure excellent quality printing.


Stylish pocket

To organise your wedding invitation suite neatly, why not incorporate the use of a cut corner vellum pocket. You can print you and your partner’s initials in your chosen colour and calligraphy style for added customisation.

It’s hard not to swoon over these vellum design ideas. The secret to ensuring a classy finish is not to go overboard by using vellum across all your wedding invitation suite components. 

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