BuddyWith launch – a new community bringing parents together for support and expert advice

BuddyWith.org.uk is a new online and offline community for parents.

BuddyWith specialises in bringing people together with similar families, whether that is twins, special needs, new parents, single mums or dads, or parents who would simply like some downtime and to meet other people.

The site offers expert advice and support and allows parents to share their experiences and connect with other people in a similar situation, both locally and nationally.

BuddyWith was founded by Yuliana Topazly. After the birth of her daughter, Yuliana was diagnosed with post-natal depression. She felt isolated and guilty, but didn’t want anti-depressants – she wanted a connection; to engage intellectually and emotionally with other women.

Yuliana discovered that when she needed help, she couldn’t find it, and when she did finally find it, the help was very limited.

She also learnt that the trials of motherhood are a universal story; one that is repeated over and over again.

This inspired her to launch BuddyWith.

“88 per cent of working parents suffer stress-related health problems and 43% struggle with depression; 1 in 10 women develop mental health illness during pregnancy or within the first year after having a baby – and something needs to be done. That’s why I developed BuddyWith.” Says Yuliana.

BuddyWith is supported by Yuliana’s award-winning South London-based social enterprise, My OutSpace Business Centre which specialises in supporting women, especially migrant women with children, into employment and self-employment.

Yuliana believes she has identified, as a result of her own experiences, a gap in health and social services: facilitated peer to peer support network, clear signposting and mentoring women, particularly migrants, who are struggling to raise children and families and access world of work. Which is where BuddyWith comes in.

BuddyWith links women with similar stories together. And, it is immediate. Unlike Yuliana’s personal experience and the experiences of countless other women, you won’t get lost within a mountain of well-intentioned pamphlets and doctor referrals. You simply log on and reach out.

The BuddyWith community is a rich resource of information. Mothers are a wealth of information – and every mother is invited to take part and share her experiences, her worries, her triumphs, and her expertise.

“The struggle of being a new mum is a universal story and it isn’t one that should be fought alone.” Says Yuliana.

Membership of BuddyWith.org.uk is free. For more information see: http://www.buddywith.org.uk/

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