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Women In Sport Sportlight- Laura Nicholls

Being invited to the Women in Sport conference at Surf Snowdonia allowed me to talk about the difference in Women’s football compared to that of men, something that I haven’t spoken about much and why I’m doing what I’m doing now.

Women In Sport

I first handily saw the difference between women in Sport in how they are treated compared to that of men, when I went to play for Chelsea FC under 21’s and reserves, I had to find my own accommodation, whereas the men under 21’s got accommodation given to them and/ or got paid.

The pay is also a massive difference, (it is getting better now, women’s football is getting more recognition) but when I was playing, the top players still had to have second jobs, where we all know how much money men footballers get paid, so I couldn’t continue my dream of playing professional football due to the money barrier, so had to move home in North Wales.


As women’s football was starting to become a bit better recognised, I wanted to give girls and women an opportunity to try a sport that isn’t a common women sport, Cricket.

Having joined the brand-new Women’s Cricket team at University, I got in contact with Cricket Wales who offered me a claim basis role of organising and coordinating Softball Festivals all over North Wales.

Softball Festivals

These festivals are aimed at those who have no experience in the sport to try and encourage them to try something new and prove that Cricket isn’t a boring male sport that could break your fingers by using hard cricket balls, but by encouraging socialising and non-pressured games. This has now led onto me having a part time role with Cricket Wales as being a Women & Girls Cricket Coordinator for the area to increase participation in the region.


So, if you are interested in giving cricket a try with Softball Cricket, come along to one of our festivals left this year, or get in touch at laura.nicholls@cricketwales.org.uk and I can see if there is anything nearby to you.

13th July: Llandudno Cricket Club -Book here

28th July: Dolgellau Cricket Club – Book here 

12th August: Hawarden Park – Book here 

2nd Sept: Northop Hall Cricket Club – Book here 


Laura Nicholls

Women & Girls Cricket Coordinator

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