How Women Cope with Stress

As we mentioned in a previous article on Network She, not all stress is bad. However, when it’s not managed well, it can be quite overwhelming, which can then lead to health problems.

Unfortunately, research suggests that women suffer from stress more than men. An article on The Guardian cited a 2008 study that discovered that women tend to feel sad and anxious compared to males during times of stress. Furthermore, they tend to dwell more on negative feelings, which drives them into a deeper slump. Internalising the negativity can affect their performance at work, as the emotions can affect their problem-solving skills.

Thankfully, there are various things that women can do to help cope with stress. This article will take a look at some of the strategies to combat stress levels.

Give yourself time to rest
Many women have to deal with the fact that they bear multiple burdens. Many women not only take care of their respective families, they also have to manage their own careers, not to mention caring for themselves as well. The number of things they need to handle on a daily basis can quickly take a toll on them. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, you can instead set a specific time of the day to catch your breath. Elle suggests that career women should stop working after office hours, as many feel they are always ‘on call’ due to their profession. A typical example is when professionals are checking their phones constantly for updates or work emails. If this sounds like you, try and remove yourself from work after you clock out.

Play games in your downtime
Interestingly enough, there are now an increasing number of women who turn to bingo to relieve stress. The Independent reported that gaming sites are increasingly targeting women, because they are more likely to visit the sites in order to relax compared to men. A look at the reviews on Foxy Bingo shows how effective this has been for leading gaming companies with the majority of reviews coming courtesy of women. Foxy Bingo, in particular, has carved out its own niche as a site designed for women and their interests, hence why it’s community of players is full of modern day women. Bingo’s social aspect is the main reason for it being the perfect game to help relieve stress, and even online sites have developed their communities so that users can interact with one another.

Women’s Health claim that exercise is the perfect way to help women cope with stress. Not only will this allow you to channel your excess energy, working out will also release dopamine, which helps boost your mood. The article suggests scheduling a workout session on days when you anticipate high levels of stress so you can have an outlet before your day ends. And so you don’t take your stress home with you.

Don’t expect perfection from yourself
Women are more likely to expect perfection from themselves compared to men. This mindset has a serious effect on their self-esteem, and it can make them feel the effects of stress even more, because they put a lot of pressure on themselves to do well. At times, the best way to deal with stress is learning to let go of negativity, whether this is from physical things or something more intangible, such as thoughts and emotions.

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