What attracts women to their jobs? Work-life balance, not salary



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Attracting women into the workplace is a must-do for employers – females have a lot to offer in terms of skills and experience. One way to attract employees to a business is to offer a comprehensive workplace benefits package, with plenty of incentives to keep them happy in their role. Around the world, big businesses are developing workplace benefits packages to entice female employees – for example, some of the larger tech companies such as Apple and Facebook offer egg freezing – but do they offer genuine reward to workforces?


New research has uncovered which benefits are valuable in 2019, by surveying 2,000 employees and 500 employers in the UK.


According to the findings, 43% of women chose their current role for the work-life balance available, showing that life outside of work is very important to females. Location and transport links were another primary reason that females choose their jobs at 39%. In terms of retention, the main reasons that women stayed in their jobs was because of being able to have a good work-life balance, the location and transport links and the salary. Employers need to focus on providing their staff with a rounded experience at work – so whilst salary is important, the value of enjoying and staying in a role comes from all the other factors.


What workplace benefits are women interested in?

When quizzed on which benefits they were most interested in, female employees tended to lean towards the more traditional benefits than the quirky ones. Of the benefits listed, flexible working came out as one of the top – showing that employers need to allow women the ability to work flexibly around their other commitments at home and outside of work.


Other popular benefits with women were:

·         Good annual leave (up to 35 days)

·         Pension

·         Paid sick leave


What benefits are women NOT interested in?

Unsurprisingly, the less traditional benefits were the ones that women were interested in the least. Furry friends in the workplace were a big no, with 41% saying no to dogs in the office. Entertainment at work, such as films and video games, were also unpopular. Surprisingly, one of the top three least popular benefits for females was childcare vouchers and on-site childcare, indicating that women prefer to make their own childcare arrangements. Lastly, social events like seasonal parties or away days were not sought after by women, with 28% saying they were not interested in socialising outside of work with colleagues.


Trendy benefits in demand

In an ever-changing work environment, employers must adapt their benefits packages to suit the needs of their employees. Although women tend to favour the traditional benefits more, there are still some new, trendier benefits which appeal. A wellness allowance between £400-£1200 to spend on personal wellbeing was the most popular for women (52%), followed by duvet days (35%), which allow employees to take a last-minute day off without losing pay or being punished.



Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/uwpo02K55zw


Women’s happiness at work

Are women happy at work? Looking at the research, we can wager that if women’s top reason for staying in their jobs extends beyond salary, they must be pretty happy! Workplace benefits can contribute to this, with 38% of survey respondents saying that employee benefits packages ‘definitely’ improve their happiness at work.


The overall takeaway is that attracting talented female employees to a business goes beyond salary. Employers must be prepared to allow women to work flexibly, give them the ability to take time away from work and off ill when they need to, and set them up for a future with a good pension.


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