Top Office Furniture Trends

Top Office Furniture Trends and How You Can Incorporate Them into Your Business Base

Office spaces have certainly changed over time, from the bare basics to offices that need to incorporate a lot of technology and have a hip, modern vibe putting the comfort and wellbeing of employees first. Office furniture trends are rapidly changing and there’s always something new, adapting to a changing work environment that is offering employees more autonomy, choice and independence. And, keeping up with the latest office trends could have a number of great benefits for your business. In fact, ignoring them could lead to losing employees, disappointing clients and even losing revenue.

Smart Offices

These days, everything’s smart, from our phones to our refrigerators, and offices are certainly following suit. Office furniture is set to become smarter, which can be seen in the growing popularity of standing desks in workplaces around the world. Electric standing desks are becoming much more commonplace in offices around the world, with the act of alternating between sitting and standing when working throughout the day proven to help workers stay healthier, more productive and more alert. You can even get desks that connect to a mobile app to send an alert when you have been sitting or standing for too long. If you’re interested, check out these electric standing desksfrom FRISKA, a Scandinavian furniture company with stylish yet practical desks on offer.

Privacy and Comfort

Future offices are set to enhance people’s professional lives in a range of innovative ways. This means that we’re leaning towards more creation of studios, social spaces, and other facilities to encourage creativity and productivity. Modern workplaces are beginning to equip themselves with a variety of different environments to reflect the different phases of work. You can do this in your workplace by offering quiet areas for employeesto use when working on a task that requires concentration, and open, cheerfully decorated areas are perfect for collaborative teamwork. Office pods are an increasingly popular addition to open-plan offices since they allow for simultaneous privacy and collaboration.

Voice-Activated Assistants

Thanks to their growing popularity in homes around the world, assistants like Siri, Google Home, and Alexaare making their way into the workplace, providing additional convenience for employees. These tools can be used to easily complete tasks such as booking meeting rooms, ordering supplies for the office, coordinating video conferences or even changing the music by just asking the assistant. Telepresence robots are another emerging technology set to become a common addition in the office; these devices allow employees to use a bot to take part in whatever’s going on in the office without physically needing to be there, making remote working teamwork easier than ever.

Emphasis on Wellbeing

Last but not least, wellbeing is seeping into office life and as the conversation around mental health evolves, more businesses are putting in the effort to put their employees’ wellbeing at the forefront of office design and furniture. From comfortable break areas and house plants to on-site hairdressers, childcare facilities, and spas, anything that makes employees happier and more comfortable at work are in.

Offices are looking a lot different from how they used to, and in the near future, we’re set to see these office design and furniture trends get even bigger.

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