Tech Tips for Mumpreneurs

Following on from our initial article earlier this year on how to be a mum and an entrepreneur, we’ve put together some tech tips to help you get further ahead. In this article, we dive into more advanced tech tips to boost productivity, use technology to your advantage, and avoid headaches.

Get a Professional Website

The first tip is a simple one: don’t try to create a website on your own. Even if you use a template design, it will still look like an amateur produced it, and it won’t represent your brand well. You’ll need to make too many compromises if you’re not knowledgeable about web design and server technologies.

Instead, use an experienced company like Webheads to get a professional website. They’ll help you to change your page content and add new blog articles as you see fit. While the site maintenance can be handed off to them, you’ll retain the ability to update the site with fresh content.

Use Fewer Apps (But Use Them Well)

When you are limited on time, mastery is especially difficult. Many Microsoft Excel users only know a few of the features and are far from experts. For instance, adding formulas or macros to a spreadsheet goes over the heads of a significant percentage of users. However, they’re things that only require a few hours to learn, and then you’re up and running with greater capabilities.

Use fewer apps so that you can learn to master those before adding additional ones. Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to use 20 apps and knowing none of them well. Reverse that, so you can command the technology and not the other way around.

Keep Updated

Using a Windows PC or Mac for business work coupled with a smartphone means there’s a need to keep frequently updated. On the PC, use apps that can scan outstanding updates. Software like CCleaner and others can check for outdated software that requires patching. Patching software includes fixing software bugs in older versions but also protecting against security vulnerabilities that have since been fixed. The core Apple and Windows operating systems also require updating. These should be performed as prompted and can be downloaded out of hours. Also, mobile devices should be updated daily. This can be set automatically to avoid using outdated versions.

Don’t Use an Underpowered PC

Computers seem to get slower as they age. Most often this is the operating system that hasn’t been replaced in years, has built up excess files, and is sluggish as a result. Running a system cleaner can be useful to clear out the clutter and improve computer performance. However, sometimes the computer is underpowered for your requirements.

If you find that you’re needing to use more apps at any given time and the PC is years old, it may not be up to the task. Newer operating systems and the latest apps rely on faster technology, so it can leave you at a disadvantage. When the PC is three years old and vital to your work, it’s time to replace it.

Being smarter around technology helps you to get more out of it, rather than it constantly being the bane of your existence. Let technology help rather than hinder your progress.

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