How You And Your Business Can Give Back And Lend A Helping Hand

Going Green

It has been an incredibly tough road for all of us over the last eighteen months. We have all been through the wringer, both professionally and personally. As we look ahead to a brighter 2022, it is time for all of us to think about how we can help to make a positive impact.


It can sometimes be overwhelming when you are trying to think about where you can make a difference. There are so many different deserving causes and issues out there, so where do you start? If you are looking for ways that your business can be a part of providing a brighter future, here are a few tips to help you get started.


Commit To Going Green

We all like to think that we are conscientious when it comes to our environmental footprint. We recycle, we watch our energy usage, we avoid using plastic where possible. But we are all trying to do more as the warnings continue, and your business is somewhere where you can make a big difference. Start by looking at your suppliers and business partners and pursue relationships with those that are committed to environmentally friendly practices. Think about how you could incentivise your employees to be part of the solution. For example, you could offer incentives for anyone who walks or cycles into work instead of driving.


Take The Headache Out Of Donating To Charity

Donating to charity online has become commonplace, especially during the pandemic, but so often the donations are completely reliant on being spotted at the right time in the right place. By making donations through your payroll, you take all of the stress and headaches out of the equation.


Your employees can choose which charity they donate to, or you can ask your team to choose one charity for the whole organisation. Because the donation comes through your company payroll, the employee is given tax relief on their donation which is passed straight onto the organisation in question. If you want to learn more about how charitable donations through employer payroll can be set up, visit PayCaptain. Their payroll software is geared to reduce stress and improve employee satisfaction.


Get Your Employees Involved

We don’t need to tell you how difficult it has been to keep everyone engaged and motivated during the pandemic. With everyone working from home, we all had to make more of an effort to foster team spirit and create a sense of the work family. If you are looking for ways that your group can bond, why not think about getting together to brainstorm ways to help the local community?


We all see the news about the environment, and about how foodbanks are going to struggle this winter, and all the different organisations that need our help. Creating a plan to help your local community can really improve your team building. It will help your staff to feel like they are part of something positive and helping to create a better environment for their neighbourhood. Whether it’s planting trees or donating items for food bundles, your actions can make a difference.

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