3 Reasons to Start Selling Merchandise Through Your Blog

It seems that everybody these days wants to broadcast their thoughts, feelings and observations into the digital ether. Between social media, email and other web-based platforms, it can be incredibly easy to put your ideas out there for consideration and inspection. While such a dynamic has led to some less than favourable outcomes for those who say the wrong things, many more have found benefit through the use of blogs.


Blogs can be utilised to convey information, share opinions and otherwise build audiences for a variety of purposes. However, the standard blog only takes from the creator: it does not automatically provide any benefit beyond attention. As such, many professional bloggers and those wanting to blog full-time look for ways to compensate their efforts. 

One such method is through selling merchandise through your blog. Today, we’ll look at three reasons why you should consider this revenue-generating option for your own efforts.


Blog Merchandise Generates Revenue

Perhaps the biggest reason for blogs to get into the merchandise game – and one that seems like an obvious one – is the ability to generate revenue through the sale of various items. Despite the fact that blogs offer an excellent opportunity for individuals and brands to generate income, many bloggers overlook the full monetisation potential of their online spaces. Even relatively small blogs can successfully begin marketing merchandise, whether it be branded or simply related to the niche(s) of the blog itself.

One common example of merchandise sold by blogs is clothing. Many websites and services exist that allow brands and individuals to design their own custom merchandise, set the price and then sell it – all without any upfront investment or need to handle inventory. 

However, some forms of merchandise may need to be ordered, created and then stored by the bloggers themselves. Generally, ordering just as much merchandise as is realistic to sell is recommended, as you’ll need physical storage solutions to handle the items in the interim. Self storage solutions exist that can make merchandise and inventory handling simpler.


Blog Merchandise Creates Loyalty

The biggest brands in the world are iconic entities, recognisable by virtually everybody. From Coca-Cola to Mickey Mouse, brands use imagery to establish dominance and awareness across their target audiences. While no blog is likely to ever enjoy the same level of fanfare and attention, converting an otherwise loyal group of followers into full-time brand backers can have a big impact.

Through the sale of merchandise and branded goods, blogs can provide their fans with a tangible method of contribution. Not only do they help the blog by purchasing goods, but the use of said goods in everyday life can boost brand awareness among their friends, family members and others. 

It’s also worth noting that those who contribute to a blog via the purchase of merchandise are more likely to remain loyal to the blog in the future. In effect, the sale of merchandise can make already-loyal followers even more loyal.


Blog Merchandise Provides Content Ideas

There are actually multiple formats for selling merchandise on any blog. While you can directly sell items produced for your blog, you can also indirectly sell items via affiliate marketing. This form of marketing works by including contextual links in content, with a commission being paid to the blog for each link click that results in a sale. 

In order to use affiliate marketing properly, relevant content ideas must first be created (so that the links are integrated and not spammy). The end result is that bloggers who may be struggling for new content ideas will be able to more effectively think outside of the box and drum up new and interesting ideas for posts in the future.

Whether it’s additional revenue, attention or content, there are multiple reasons to consider selling merchandise via your blog. These three reasons in particular are among the most beneficial; building a solid foundation for future blogging success can be accomplished in part by selling relevant and desirable merchandise.

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