Far from the stereotypical ‘Millennial’

Does the Avo on toast photograph well? Try the selfie with the Matcha Latte.

Bless-ed are the Millenials, bubble wrapped since the 1980’s, an easily offended generation full of stereotypes. Snapchatting their world of attitude, values, and idiosyncrasies. Perceived as lazy, poorly prepared, without aspirations, entitled, spoilt, delusional, narcissistic and unreliable. Just to name a few!

In a recent conversation with a Senior Manager (a Boomer, so we not discriminating against little Millennial), we talked about what the workplace would look like in 2025, much to his disgust he commented “full of people glued to their phones who will never know what a days work looks like and expect an inflated wage”.

“Really?!” and I immediately remembered, and brought to his attention, the fantastic ‘for purpose’ organisation called Orange Sky: 20 year old Co-founders, Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi, best mates from Brisbane, Australia, who started Australia’s first mobile laundry service for the homeless.

When I heard about ‘Orange Sky’ https://orangesky.org.au/I assumed it had been the brainchild of someone wise with a wealth of experience and knowledge. But, no, these 2 young guys had turned their concept into an expanding, living and breathing business. Far from the stereotypical ‘Millennial’.

Not only to have the drive to do this, but the thought behind it, helping the homeless, providing dignity, connecting communities and just being ‘human’. And that’s perhaps the key to the younger generation.

On doing a little research, it struck a chord, what will my kids want in an employer and what are organisations doing to attract them.!

Is it really that they don’t want to work but expect high wages, apparently not, forget ‘work-life balance’ that bubble wrap has made them realise that life is precious, to have a ‘job’ is great but not to lose their sense a purpose. Money is a mean but not the ultimate end. Life comes first, even if that does mean going to the gym as part of your work package! Careers are looked at as a social transaction.

There is a thirst for improvement, they are innovative and flexible, adjusting to new circumstances, new ways of thinking.  Perhaps because of the ever changing technological world they have grown up in..

They will follow up on feedback to seek that reason and real purpose. They know that knowledge and experience is a life long journey and will seek mentorship, even embrace it.

They want to live and work by their values, be transparent and expect the same openness. They will take risks and accept that mistakes will be made, they will learn from them as part of their life journey.

And that is why I absolutely love the OrangeSky story, two 20 somethings swallowed up in the millennium stereotype but proving to the non-believers that their generation can show humanity and declare their own state of purpose. In their own words;

“We stumbled on a world-first, something that connected the community, reduced the transmission of diseases, but most importantly and most simply, we were improving the lives of others.”

And that is my little example of learning from those half my age and thoroughly enjoying pointing this out to Mr Senior Manager. I’d say embrace the ‘I’m offended’ generation if these wonderful ‘for purpose’ organisations are to be born!

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