Home is where the heart is.
Home is a place where your feet may leave but your heart will always be.
Home is my happy place.
When it comes to identifying home for me…I have many homes.
Home is my safe place. A place where I can be myself. A place where I can let my guard down and know I am safe.
Home is where I grew up, nurtured and protected.
Clean sheets, tucked into bed, warm and cozy, a kiss goodnight and the knowledge that in the morning everything would be as it should.
Home was comfortable. A clean house, food in the fridge, hot water in the taps and always a friendly welcome.
As I moved away from ‘home’ and lived in different places my parents home was always my home, but less so the comforts of home and more so the people who were there. Yes I would walk in and inspect the fridge…mum always had a fridge full of yumminess where as mine often had a limp stick of celery, cheap margarine, and the dregs of a bottle of milk; home became the people.
Bricks and mortar where often the perceived place of home, or when I lived in the West Indies, wood and breeze blocks…wooden walls, windows without glass and planks of wood on cement blocks for tables, beds and shelves. This was my place of sanctuary, of time with friends, laughter and comfort. For two years, this was my home…but during this time I also went home to my birth home, the place of nurture and family.
Home had become a feeling, a sense of belonging and my own identity.

It is winter now. I love being at home, with the fire raging, my music playing, candles, incense, whatever it takes to own the space…

The building that I grew up in has been sold, it is no longer home.
My home is in New Zealand, the place where we raised our family. The place I return to each day after work, after stepping out into the world.
My home is the place with the warm fire.
My home is the country I live and work in.
My home is the country where I grew up.
My home is in the arms of my husband.
My home is in the love of my family.

I am blessed to have many homes. I am also aware that many people do not have a safe place they can call home. For all of you who read this, I hope with all my heart that you have a safe place to call home.

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