Holiday – What Holiday By Ruth Lloyd-Williams

Ruth Lloyd Williams on Holiday

So I am back from a blissful week melting in the Cyprus sunshine with Mr W.

The weather was fantastic. Mr W spent all week protecting his delicate peaches and cream complexion under a parasol and a thick layer of factor cardigan sun block. As weathered and leathery as I am, even I had to do a spot of shade bathing, it was hot- hot- hot.

The hotel was great with an infinity type pool that meant you could cool off and bob in the water while taking in the view. The all-inclusive package guaranteed a constant flow of local beers and spirits and of course the obligatory holiday weight gain

Time flew by with the turn of every page of our holiday reads and for once we were able to just chill, enjoying each other’s company and the time we had together without the burdens of normal everyday life


Within in the blink of an eye it was time to go home. 

Why does your tan fade as soon as the pilot touches down in Manchester?  Your happy memories of a hard earned week fade almost as soon as you put the key in the door, with reality hiding on the other side waiting to bring you down to earth with a bump.

Ruth Lloyd Williams on Holiday

Post-holiday Blues

Just a couple of days at home and the post-holiday blues have well and truly set in.


Our fridge freezer died just before we left.  The replacement fridge and freezer we obviously hadn’t budgeted for didn’t arrive on the Sunday of our return as promised. We are now without a chill factor.  My kitchen is trying to function using fresh perishables squashed in to a beer fridge. Something that wouldn’t normally be too much of a hardship for our small family of three. It’s just that we have six Ozzies visiting at the moment and they want somewhere to keep their tinnies

The torrential rain on Sunday has prioritised the need to do something about the office roof, which is now in the office and not on it. And if life wasn’t hard enough- I have been called to do jury service


Monday Morning

Monday started with two trapped sparrows in the greenhouse, an emotional outburst in the local laundry, not mine, I was just an innocent bystander, in fact the only bystander. I had to take the car in to the garage and still it rained.

So with my grip on perspective slipping I met with my trusty colleague for a catch up. A good talking to and a pot of tea for two later, normal service has now been resumed.


Ruth Lloyd Williams on Holiday

There is much to look forward to, interesting and exciting plans in place. Inspiring people to meet and places to go. So although my tan may have faded my enthusiasm for life and Network She has not. But if over the next few weeks you can’t find me – I will be at the travel agents!

Ruth x

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