Dusting off my flip flops By Ruth Lloyd-Williams

I have blown the dust off my flip flops and I am “penning” this ditty from the bottom corner of my sun drenched garden. No mean feat when you have one fox terrier who assumes you are only on this earth to throw a ball, and another fox terrier who knows you are only this earth to provide knees on which she can sit and be demanding of your constant attention. Please be assured Daisy & Bunty are not spoilt in any way whatsoever- they are just over loved.


New Neighbours

As I sit here I can tell there has obviously been a bit of moving and shaking in my neighbourhood since we packed the garden furniture away last year, as the noises and chatter coming from the adjoining gardens and open windows plays testament to. We appear to have new neighbours I have never met or know anything about, as the giggles and wild screeching of young children at play was never part of last year’s garden sounds symphony from their side of the patch. The lad who lives on the corner is now, it would appear, to be at that difficult age, as he is finding it difficult in hearing his mother shouting him from three floors down, not surprisingly she is coming through loud and clear where I am, three doors down. Sadly, the puffing and panting from next doors excitable collie is missing and I am deafened by the silence that she used to fill as she watched the chaos of life with two precious terriers through the gaps of the shared garden fence


A Summer Lawn

The children’s toys litter the lawn, exactly where they were when they were last played with, before the garden was deserted as the cold weather set in. Now ankle deep, lost in an unkempt lawn, it has quite an eerie feel to it as the garden waits for them to come back and bring the life and laughter back to the garden.

There is much work to do to make the garden family friendly again, painting and planting, cutting, chopping, mowing and mending, some sowing and some seeding…… I will point it all out to him when he gets back.

My Favourite Place on Earth

Somebody once asked me where my favourite place on earth was. I am very lucky to have travelled to some wonderful places, once I had got over myself and warmed to the idea of long haul that is.  I have seen some of the amazing sights of Australia, Bali, Singapore and Hong Kong. I have visited many European Capitals and Cities of exquisite beauty and historical interest. As well as the spectacular coastline and countryside we have here back in blighty- and I’ve been to Butlins in Bognor Regis, but that is another story for another day.

My favourite place is where I am right now, at the bottom of my sun drenched garden.

There is nothing I love more than surrounding myself with my family. Listening to the kids fill the air with laughter and whoops of delight as they play and climb on the castle.  And the grownups clinking glasses, bickering banter like children over football results of a season gone by.  This summer’s conversations should be interesting, for once I will get to revel in the glory of supporting the winners of the Premier league.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy soaking up this little bit of much missed sunshine, possibly with the aid of a glass or two of some light refreshment. What are you doing and where is your favourite place?

Have a great weekend everyone, where ever you are


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