Women of the World

It has always been the dream to “Go Global” at Network She. In 2019 we are doing exactly that by reaching out to the friends, colleagues and contacts we have from all corners of the globe.  We are thrilled to introduce you to a new and exciting feature on the Network She website for 2019- Women of the World, women who are happy to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions with the masses. Women who aren’t scared to have their say!

 Our Women of the World contributors representing Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, UK, France, The Canary Islands and the Netherlands, will bring you a flavor of what life is like in their corner of the globe, how what happens elsewhere effects them and the cultural differences they experience. They will also be giving us some insight in to the women that forged their future. For some of us it is a women of historical significance or a media mogul of the day. For others, that person is a lot closer to home. She maybe the women at the front of the class, at the back of the queue, who held your hand or held your heart. She maybe someone who didn’t change the world, but someone who changed yours. Tell us who you feel forged your future and why. And who you feel is forging the future for the country that you live in.


Join in the conversation, share your thoughts and ideas, Go Global with Network She.

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Meet The Women Of The World Contributors

Kirsty Mellor- Netherlands

‘I love a good challenge and in moving my life to Holland, I definitely found my match. I arrived in December 2009, just me and my life packed in a few boxes on a pallet. It was one of the harshest winters and the economic climate wasn’t much better!’

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Ruth Foulkes – New Zealand

‘I have spent most of my adult life working as a teacher which is a privilege and a joy. I have witnessed parents weep on their child’s first day of school…and known that I have to make a difference, as I vicariously share the highs and lows of family life through the hearts of their children’.

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Tina Backhouse – England

I am a founding member of the Women’s Equality Party and also a Chair of Governors at a local school and both these give me different insights into the same thing..gender inequality starts at a young age and I believe that this has not changed in my lifetime’.

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Amanda Kranenburg – South Africa

‘I suddenly decided I needed to ‘live my dream’, so I booked a round the World ticket, for a 12 month period! Travelling around the world was truly a life changing experience, in so many ways’.

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Sarah Tyley – France

‘One aspiration for 2019, during these uncertain times for humanity, and especially women, is that we can all support one another with love and confidence’.

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Lisa Hayden-Davies – Australia

‘I don’t hate too much in life, what’s the point. However toenail fungal cream adverts on the tv or anywhere should be banned. Keep them in your socks and certainly off the media! Yuk’. 

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Claire Evans – Fuerteventura

‘…isn’t that what life is all about, new challenges, pushing your own boundaries so you can grow and develop every single day?’

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Carrie Foster – Wales

Hello!  I was born in Essex, raised in Suffolk, educated in Leicestershire, Lancashire and Yorkshire, moved to Wales, found a husband and never left.

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