Woman of the World – Lets Go Global

It has always been the dream to “Go Global” at Network She and in 2019 we are doing exactly that.

Following a meeting recently in Cape Town with Amanda Kranenburg, an ex-pat contact and friend of Network She, the idea finally came together. Reaching out to the friends, colleagues and contacts from all corners of the globe we are thrilled to be launching a new and exciting feature on the Network She website for 2019- Women of the World

If you take a tour of the Network She website www.networkshe.co.uk you will see we already have a number of independent contributors, so lots of different writing styles and opinions, something we are looking to expand and to make more interactive with the contributions from our Woman of the World, women who are happy to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions with the masses. Women who aren’t scared to have their say!

We will be introducing you to each of our Woman of the World contributors during December. Representing Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, UK and the Netherlands our women of the world will bring you a flavor of what life is like in their corner of the globe, how what happens elsewhere effects them and the cultural differences they experience

In January they will be sharing an overview of their 2018 and their aspirations for women around the world in 2019. Join in the conversation, share your thoughts and ideas, Go Global with Network She.
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