The Week End Wind Up.

The week when we decide to wrap up or ramp up

To be read whilst listening to Wannabe by the Spice Girls

Brace yourself, we are only days away before the big build up starts. You know it’s coming as soon as the kids go back to school. You dash into the supermarket for bread, milk and a few essentials, a bottle of Bombay and some Sshhh you know who, and you are greeted with the glare of all things festive. Already, the aisles will be awash with tinsel and things with which to deck your halls. Give it another couple of weeks and as well as the visual festive stimulation we will then be audibly bombarded with the looping annual classics. Will Chris Rea ever get home – he has been top to toe in tail backs now since 1986


Personally, I think there is nothing worse than premature Chrimbolation. Being a December baby I find it quite insulting to receive birthday presents wrapped in “seasonal paper” And god forbid as a kid you wanted a big pressie like a bike- because then that became a combined pressie- “you can have it- but it will have to be for your birthday and Christmas” What would of happened if I’d been born on the 9th July, not the 9th December and wanted a bike, would I have got the frame and basket for my birthday and then have had to wait until Christmas to get the wheels and a seat- NO!

Anyway enough of my Santa induced tantrum- why am I telling you this- well because not only do the holly & the ivy symbolise the pending festivities they also signal the end of the year and for some that will be the trigger to write off 2020- well it’s over isn’t it. Christmas will be here before you know it, there is no point starting anything now!

Yes, there is!!!

You have a full third of the year- 4 fabulous months, 122 amazing days. Don’t just count them- Make them count. Put plans in place, take action.

What can you be doing now that will ensure your sights are firmly set on the prize and it’s in reach? What’s your short-term goal- What’s your long-term goal? Why do you do what you do and what does success look like to you.

Don’t get all wrapped up in the media driven festive nonsense, you can start all that on the 10th December

Get ramping it up, don’t let Aled Jones’ dulcet tones telling you that there is “something in the air” make you decide to write 2020 off as a bad job. Don’t write your Christmas list- write your dream list, remembering a dream without a plan is just a wish. Don’t get left behind holding a wish list. Write down what you want- what does it look like, where is it, where will you be, where will it take you. Tell yourself, remind yourself of what you want- what you really, really want

So many have decided to let go of 2020- but why would you when September is a new term – a new beginning- now more than ever September is the start of a new year – academic or otherwise- laden with opportunities and so many of them start here with Network She and The Mothership. Only this week we have launched two brand new initiatives. 5 to Strive a course designed especially with you in mind and Essentials– a full range of social media and e-marketing courses delivered by Network She Academy member Ruth Wilkinson of The Consult Centre

Just think how different and less spicy life would have been if Mel C hadn’t wanted to zigazig – ah

Go spice up your life!

Love and Shenanigans






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