Raise Valuable Funds and Attract New Benefactors

5 Steps to Organising a Successful Charity Fundraising Event

Events are very, if not the most powerful fundraising tool for non-profits and charities. They can be used to not only boost engagement and interest but also raise valuable funds and attract new benefactors.

Organising events has never been more important than now: the Coronavirus pandemic has made fundraising increasingly challenging, and benefactors now have reduced incomes, meaning many will stop donating altogether.

Once the pandemic is over, you’re going to need to ramp up your fundraising activities to refill your coffers and provide the valuable support that is going to be even more in demand following the crisis.

For an event organiser, encouraging people to show up is just half the battle; you will also want to maximise the amount that you can raise so that you can provide these much-needed charitable services. Here are some steps to follow in order to plan a successful charity fundraising event that exceeds expectations and goals.

Define Your Cause:

In order to create a clear promotional strategy and operational plan, it’s important to be clear about why you are raising money and who you are raising it for. This will be your mission statement that all other decisions you make surrounding your event should be based on. Before you get started, define your cause on paper and set a clear plan of action in motion.

Have a Fundraising Goal:

It’s important to clearly consider how much money you are aiming to raise from the event. Consider all avenues for raising funds including ticket sales, silent auctions, live auctions and crowdfunding. But, bear in mind that financial donations are not the only way to support a charitable cause. Your event will also encourage networking and raise awareness, so be sure to keep all potential goals in mind.

Have a Clear Budget:

You will need to set a clear budgetso that you can raise funds above and beyond the amount that you will spend. A clear budget will help you get more for your money and ensure that your costs are kept in perspective. Make sure that your budget covers every single detail, from the catering to the venue and all the finer touches. And, make sure to leave some room in your budget for anything unexpected; unforeseen expenses are usually unpredictable, so it’s good to have an amount set aside for emergencies.

Define Your Target Audience:

Focusing on the audience that you want to attractyour charity event will help you plan a relevant fundraiser and get the most from your marketing efforts. Consider the charity that you are raising money for; does it
appeal to a particular generation or demographic? Will it be a fundraiser for a local, national or multinational company? Will you reach out to the general public or is it going to be an upmarket black-tie affair where attendees are invited? Clearly defining your audience helps you determine the best ways to reach out to potential attendees and donors.

Find a Venue:

Find a suitable venue that will help your event stand out from the crowd and give it some flair. Start looking for a venue and shop around to find the best option within your budget. Some venues may be willing to offer the space free of charge or provide a discount when the proceeds of the event are going to a worthwhile cause and flexible dates can help you secure the venue at the best price. It can be useful to work with a professional venue finder like The KTS Group, an event agency Milton Keynes with connections to popular venues. The KTS Group offers a wide range of services to help you organise and manage a great charity event. Working with a professional events agency can be very useful as they may be able to help you negotiate a better price for a venue.

Once you’ve got the basics covered, choose a theme for your event and begin marketing it to your audience. You can start accepting donations online straight away or wait until the big day.

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