How do I choose the right funeral director for us?

Not all funeral directors are the same. Choosing a funeral director isn’t always an easy decision. You should never feel pressured into choosing a funeral director. All funeral directors are different, so it is important to choose someone who feels right for you to ensure you receive the best possible care.


If you don’t know which funeral director would best meet your needs we would recommend taking some time to consider your options. There is no requirement to choose a funeral director who lives close by, if you don’t feel that they are right for you.

I’d suggest looking at a few local funeral directors online and considering the following points:


  • Do they show their prices online? If not why not. You should easily be able to get a rough idea of the cost and not receive any “surprises” when it comes to receiving a bill. If the cost looks too good to be true, it usually is! On average, a funeral will cost between £3-4k so if they are advertising a funeral at £1k, you can expect there to be lots of additional “extras” that you need. A good funeral director should be able to tailor a funeral to meet your budget.
  • Can you see who would be looking after the person who has died? Will it be the same small team throughout the whole process or will you be dealing with someone else on the day of the funeral? You should usually be able to see this if you look on their website.
  • Do they offer any further services such as bereavement support or help with financial support paperwork?
  • Will they offer to work with you rather than provide you with a standard funeral package, where your choices are limited and not bespoke?
  • Are they a member of a trade body such as the NAFD or SAIF? Both of these trade associations hold their members to a set of standards that aims to ensure a level of trust and reliability. Do they have genuine reviews or recommendations via word of mouth? Perhaps they have awards or recognition from independent bodies? This is usually a good indicator of the quality of the funeral director.
  • Are they accredited by any independent organisations, such as the Good Funeral Guide? The Good Funeral Guide and other organisations exist to support and empower the interests of dying and bereaved people and can offer valuable guidance in this area.
  • Maybe you could ask them how they work and how they will support you? Do you get a “good feeling” when you speak to them and confidence that they genuinely care about you and your family?
  • Can you visit the chapel of rest at any time or will there be additional charges for out of hours? Can you visit as many times as you’d like?
  • Will the funeral director meet with you at your home if you prefer?


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Tom Owen and Son are an award-winning, family run, independent community Funeral Director situated in the beautiful setting of Llandudno, Conwy. Established in 1930, we have a wealth of experience and have been serving the local and neighbouring communities for many years. We provide a modern fresh approach to funerals that empowers you to have a unique funeral that is fitting for the person that has died.

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