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Michelle Smith

Angelic Healing

As a little girl, I was always reading fairy tale adventures, especially about horses – my junior schoolteacher once told me not to pick another ‘horsey’ book from the school library!

I loved to collect shells, smooth pebbles, shiny stones and anything and everything that sparkled. My bedroom was a safe space for me to spend time dreaming about my prince charming and all the fairy tales from my precious books coming to life

At 50 years of age, I still love to read and have a beautiful therapy room full of shiny crystals, fairy lights, angels, butterflies and buddhas. I am still dreaming, but now as a master of The Law of Attraction, I have the power within to manifest all of my dreams into reality.  Imagine my joy at having manifested my very own horse and my prince charming in my forties!

The years between were not always such a fairy tale, a twice divorced single parent and now re-married – It has taken many years to meet my fairy tale Prince Charming and to see my dreams come into reality

As a middle child of a middle-class family I always believed university and high-profile careers were for ‘other’ people. My parents both worked, and the expectation was to leave school, settle down and to raise a family

That was never ‘enough’ for me, I had dreams and aspirations but there was always that ‘limiting belief’ holding me back. The inner chatterbox would appear loud and clear with that message again. Dreams and success were for ‘other’ people and I was left feeling perhaps I wasn’t good enough or worthy of or deserving of my dreams

That was a pattern that followed me around well into my thirties. Although I didn’t realise it at the time, that burning desire and self-belief was buried deep inside. Like a guardian angel the voice kept popping up ‘leave this unhealthy situation, ‘YOU deserve to be happy’

As I reflect, It is clear now that the stories and the lessons from the self-help books were reprogramming my limiting beliefs, I really was able to be “true to myself” and keep fighting my way through to my ‘happy place’. I knew it was out there somewhere in the Universe

Everything changed again when I discovered Reiki, I had a minor car accident, and nothing seemed to heal the pain. Reiki, not only healed the physical pain but began, what was to then become my journey of self-healing. Reiki changed my life, healing and releasing my emotional pain. I was able to let go and release all my buried fears and experiences, limiting beliefs and grew stronger, more present, and happier by the day

18 amazing years later, many many self-help books, scars, courses, workshops, conversations with the Universe and healing modality qualifications later; I am finally living in my ‘happy place’ helping YOU, to ‘Think & Heal Yourself Happy” too.

In my experience ‘one’ solution will not fit all people or all problems. I am blessed to have an incredible ‘Therapy Toolbox’ FULL of wonderful Emotional Healing & Self Love techniques waiting for YOU

I am blessed to be an Angelic Reiki Master, Soul Midwife & Spiritual Teacher, EFT, NLP & Bodytalk practitioner & an Advanced Master Clinical Hypnotherpist

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