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Juliet Jones Meditation

You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

I am a certified  Davidji Masters of wisdom meditation teacher and received some of my training in Carlsbad California (sometimes even on the beach!!!)

Davidji spent years as Dane at the Deepak Chopra centre who’ve had many high profile customers coming through their doors.

This training covered a wide range of meditations because not one size fits all – and I believe that this is why people give up for a variety of reasons.

My Vision is to give people a choice on what resonates with the most so that they can achieve their goals and establish a regular practice.

Personally I have gained so much since mediating. Being an over-thinker and worrier in the past has changed as I now think more logically and take life on with so much more grace.

Types of meditations include mindfulness, Veda, Buddhism, Intention setting, Mantras, Visual, Taste  and others..

Hypnotherapy & RTT

I am also a qualified Hypnotherapist and RTT practitioner. Since my training I have witnessed phenomenal changes in people.

A lady came to me for Smoking Cessation and not only did she stop but she also reported changes in confidence and a more positive outlook on life.

One of my weight loss clients shed 17 pounds in just 3 weeks!

My most successful client is a reformed addict and not only did he unearth the reason for his addictions but his life has transformed to a scale we were both ecstatic. Within 4 months, he spoke at a convention as one of the guest speakers. Which is why I will be specialising in dealing with all symptoms of addictions (post and prior).

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