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Claire Evans

The Little Wellness Hut

I have had an interest in health and wellbeing for 15 years. Over this time, I have run marathons, half and full, entered crazy open water sea swims, became a CrossFit addict and a weightlifting lover. I also lost a significant amount of weight and had a complete lifestyle change. Then, 4 years ago, whilst training for the Marathon des Sables, I suffered a knee injury and calf tear which stopped my training. My mindset, diet and lifestyle soon followed down the slippery slope.

I decided to get back on the mat and go deeper into my yoga practice under the guidance of my teacher, Jigyasa Shiv. I took my practice to a different level, even though I was a lot less flexible with my injury, my meditation and pranayama practice became solid and helped me work with my body.

During our regular ice cream dates, she asked if I’d ever thought of studying Ayurveda, she knew I had an interest and that I had been to an Ayurvedic Hotel in Kerala years earlier, and from that moment the seed was sown. I was always fascinated how something so ancient (around 5000 years old) could be so accurate. I am also a lover of massages so imagine how happy I was to discover my incredible teacher, Gagori, and her wonderful Aithein School of Healing in Goa which is where I trained. 

I completed 140 training hours to become a qualified Ayurvedic Therapist, but this was just the very start of my journey. During a training massage in India, I had my eureka moment and the Little Wellness Hut was born. The hut is dedicated to my little Indian home which I came to love and didn’t want to leave. I am about to start my first Pranayama teacher training too, I will be able to share this incredible practice with you all soon.

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