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Angela Howells-Owen

Crystal Elements

I help people when choosing crystals to enhance their health, wellbeing and home.

It is such a rewarding experience to be able to help people when explaining the properties each of the crystals holds. The lovely messages I receive from those I have helped and supported is so fulfilling and spurs me on to delve further in to the field of Crystals.

Such a different world from that of an Army Wife. Living away from home for many years, bringing up our two beautiful daughters away from the family network of love and support

My work and professional experience is long and varied. A driving instructor, a college co-ordinator, bringing courses to other Army Wives. A trained pyrotechnic, making special effects for films and music concerts.  I also spent many years working in the local authority once we returned “home” in 2004, delivering a course called Steps to women that were victims of Domestic Violence, giving them confidence, support and empowerment so they could take back control of their lives. They were by far the most beautiful and strong women I have ever met.

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