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Health & Wellbeing Academy 

The Network She Health & Wellbeing Academy is a new initiative, complementing our Business and Personal Development Academy, bringing together a collection of therapists, coaches and counsellors who are here to support you.

In a working culture which praises busy and hardworking, self-care is often viewed as something which is self-indulgent or a sign of you not coping.  As a result of not taking time to care for ourselves, 1 in 3 people now suffer from stress, anxiety or overwhelm. We have become disconnected from the warning signals sent from our body which alert us to take a break, relax and not to rely on our reserves.

Whilst some see self-care as selfish, in fact, the opposite is actually true. Network She recognises that positive well-being and mental health is vital for happiness and achievement.  Here our support network will guide you on how to move forward, drive and strive for success and desires, whilst being aligned with your deepest mental, emotional and spiritual needs.