Why the scales do not define your happiness

If you haven’t said it yourself, you’ll probably know someone who has.


“I just want to get to ‘X’ stone, then I’ll be happy”


If this is you, take a second now to think back to the last time you were that weight:

  • Where were you in your life? – think about all the areas – emotionally, romantically, financially, physically, location etc

  • What situations were you dealing with or enjoying?

  • What environments were you in? – again think about many areas – work, home, friends

  • Who were you surrounding yourself with? Did you have a big/small group of friends? Did the people around you generally have a positive/negative outlook on things?

These are the real factors that affect your happiness, not the scale number.


If you’re on a health or fitness journey and you’re trying to lose weight, why not change your goal to focus on a different measure of progress:

  • A pair of jeans that you used to fit in to that no longer fit

  • Your waist circumference

  • Progress pictures – be sure to keep consistency by wearing the same outfit, use the same lighting against a plain background, keep the same stance/pose and hold your arms up or out to the side so you don’t hide any progress.

  • How you feel about yourself

  • Energy and mood levels

  • Mobility and flexibility changes, or regular aches/pains that may be alleviated

And most importantly, enjoy the journey without fixating on a number that is so inconsistent and fluctuates daily, taking your emotions with it.

Article by NWS Diamond Member, Kirsty Prosser, Kinetic Coaching and Nutrition
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