Three Tests to Measure the Strength of Your USP

Whatever your business is, someone else is doing it too - and the success of your business depends on how well you stand out in your particular crowd. That means pinpointing and developing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP is what makes you the go-to supplier in your area. If you’re not the go-to people, your USP needs a bit of work.

Ready Steady Prosecco!

Some of you may have heard about the Fizzy Friday 5K only looked over the photos on social media after the event, take a read of this blog and look forward to the next Fizzy Friday 5K!

Managing Sickness Absence FREE Workshop For Small/Medium Businesses

Sickness absence causes businesses in Wales millions of pounds a year in lost work days. We are currently…

Hold your audience’s attention by developing your vocal variety

If your voice is a pleasure to listen to and has vocal variety you’re more likely to hold your audience’s attention. So, how do you develop vocal variety?

8 ways to get business networking really wrong!

As I have built my business through networking I can fairly confidently say that I have made every networking mistake in the book – so let me share with you my top eight ways to get business networking really wrong – so you can avoid making the mistakes I did.

Making the transition from career woman to full time mum

Becoming a full-time mum after being a full time career woman might be one of the most challenging steps in your life. And if you find yourself struggling – you aren’t alone; one in 10 women develop a mental health illness within the first year of having a baby.

Looking for a career change? What about a career in music therapy?

In Music Therapy you get to make music with the patient. It is a mutually creative experience. Music Therapists work in hospitals, the community, care homes and in schools. Training includes learning about neuro-science (study of the nervous system) as well as understanding theories of how people relate to each other.

How to disagree constructively

“I don’t think so”, “That won’t work”, “No, I can’t accept that”. These are just a few of the phrases we hear in every day conversation when people express their disagreement. The impact of these protestations can sometimes be unintentionally negative.

How Women Cope with Stress

As we mentioned in a previous article on Network She, not all stress is bad. However, when it’s not managed well, it can be quite overwhelming, which can then lead to health problems.

The 7 key steps to delivering a powerful presentation

We’ve all been there; you're trying to listen to the speaker, but their presentation slides are so distracting that your mind wanders.  People around you are looking at their watches, wondering what's for lunch. Slowly you slip into a slide-induced coma. It doesn’t have to be like that - with a little preparation presentations can be engaging, powerful – and enjoyable for you and your audience...